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The catalogs of the different decoration shops reveal ideas that inspire us to give a new air to our home. In the new catalog of the collection 15/16 of La Oca we have found interesting proposals for Decorate workspaces And / or study with different styles.

Whether you have your own room to install your office or need to organize your work space in the living room or bedroom, in La Oca you will find fantastic proposals. Spaces that respond to different Styles: nordic, industrial or modern ; And which include the necessary furniture to achieve a comfortable and practical study.

The What furniture is essential In a workspace or study? There is nothing more than to take a look at the different proposals of La Oca and pay attention to the three elements that are repeated in each one of them. There are only three: a table, a chair and some shelves or drawers.

La Oca Studios 1

Having the same basic elements, the four spaces proposed by the Oca are, however, very different. The first and third are decorated with Light woods, natural textures And neutral colors. They are luminous spaces of clear Nordic inspiration with beautiful details of color that make the difference.

We find furniture with simple lines such as the Flow table (€ 799) and the Costa chair (€ 159), which contrast with the Kilim ethnic inspired rug (€ 29). And if the carpet put the note of color in the first space, in the second makes the Jensen sofa (1030 €) in a beautiful blue. It would also highlight Cross shelf (405), perfect for separating different environments.

The shelves are a great tool to separate environments, as demonstrated in the latest workspace of modern style. What if we prefer an industrial style studio? Then the ideal is to resort to bare structural elements, Metal finishes, aged wood ... as in the second proposal. In it stands the Callaway chair (129 €), the comfortable College (629 €) and the Office Copper floor lamp (175 €).

What style do you feel most identified with?

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