Wooden walls to give warmth to our home

Wooden walls

Wood confers warmth to the spaces and connects them with the outside. It should not surprise us, therefore, that it is one of the most used materials in interior decoration. Wood furniture often dress bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens and hallways, but it is not so usual to use this material to line the walls.

Whether you are looking to recreate the rustic ambience of a mountain house or the elegance of a large classic country house, wood paneling becomes a great alternative. You should know, however, that these can also shape modern rooms. They will do it covering a single wall; this is what trends dictate today.

The finishing of the wood

The wood coverings They bring uniqueness to a stay. At first sight we are seduced by its aesthetics, but we also look at its technical characteristics. We are looking for materials that are highly resistant to shock, abrasion and moisture, which is also easy to install.

Light wood walls

All types of boards are used to create these coatings: HPL, HDF, MDF, plywood... with different finishes. Natural wood it is still the favorite to provide a rustic touch to the spaces, but lacquered or colored woods can be as much or more interesting. Depending on the characteristics of the space to decorate and the style we look for, we will opt for one or the other.

Light or dark woods? If you want to bring warmth to the space betting on natural woods, consider the size and characteristics of the stay to choose his tonality. The light woods are the most appropriate to decorate rooms of small size and / or with little natural light. They are the favorites to decorate Scandinavian style homes, combined with white walls and furniture and minimalist character.

Dark wood walls

In large spaces with large windows, we can also play with dark wood. Use them to dress the main wall and opt for clear furniture in contrast if you want to give the room a modern touch or furniture in the same wood to create continuity in the main front and reinforce the rustic or industrial style of the room.

Gray wood walls

You can also naturally get woods with a grayish / silver tone, exposing them to the elements so that the sun, ultraviolet rays (UV), wind, rain and humidity oxidize it naturally. Gray is a color that has acquired a major role in the world of decoration in this last decade and the wood in these all, therefore, an element of tendency to create modern bedrooms with a certain rustic and / or industrial character or to decorate cozy rooms and receivers.

White wooden walls

The white wooden walls, on the other hand, provide the rooms with that naturalness of the wood to the decoration, without losing a bit of light. White is a color that reflects light and that will maximize the light natural that enters through the windows. The wood of white color, also fits in any style.

Wooden predes in colors

More daring and original are the wooden walls in which slats are assembled different textures and / or colors. Most of these proposals are created from recycled wood and represent one of the latest trends in interior and exterior decoration. It is also a cost-effective option that respects the environment, to decorate rustic, industrial or vintage spaces.

Types of coating

In the market there are numerous wood coatings to choose. Planks of wood that you will have to assemble and fix to the wall, panels with moldings with which to cover full walls or half walls... The style you want to achieve and the budget will depend largely on your choice.

Wooden friezes

The wood coatings are by normal general, easy to install. exist wall coverings , in which the slats are fixed with nails, staples or clips to the battens previously screwed to the wall. This system allows us to play with the placement of the tables to achieve different decorative effects.

Walls covered in wood

We can place the coating vertically to Visually lengthen the stay or horizontally to gain height visually. Also play with diagonal, more original arrangements. The first will be relatively easy to install, the latter will require more knowledge, attention and work.

Wooden walls in vertical

Can this type of siding be installed without strips? By simple gluing, with very few tools, a room can be redecorated today. The usual thing is to screw them but there are wall coverings manufactured in sheet and self-adhesive MDF.

Classic wood panels

Wood panels are a great alternative to dress the walls of the house. These are not exclusive to the rustic style environments and decorate both classic and contemporary rooms in an elegant way. They are usually used to cover half walls and less commonly, for the wall from top to bottom.

Wood panels

These panels usually present decorative moldings They draw geometric patterns at the same time that they add relief to the design. A similar effect can be achieved more economically by fixing wooden slats to the wall to form different patterns and then painting strips and walls of the same color.

Half-height wooden panels

Creative wooden walls

The previous ones represented the most classic options, as far as wood coatings are concerned. However, the market constantly evolves to give us new proposals. Creative proposals capable of giving a modern touch to any room and attract all eyes.

Creative wooden walls

Betting on any of the proposals we have reflected will attract the attention to a specific place in the room. Or what is the same will turn the wall with wood siding into Focal point . It is therefore a great tool to highlight a corner or a specific space that we do not want to go unnoticed.

As you can see there are many alternatives that we have to coat the walls of our wood home. We can bet on the friezes, a timeless and economic alternative. Or choose panels that will bring a very different style to our home but that will require a larger budget. And you? What type of siding would you choose to decorate your home?