Wooden pergolas for the garden or terrace

Pergolas of wood with fabrics

He total use of the garden area or terrace depends on how well we use the elements that are in the market to take advantage of. While it is true that it is a place to be outdoors and to sunbathe, we must also have protected areas with shade for the central hours of the day and for the hottest days. Here the wooden pergolas come into play.

The Pergolas can be made of other materials , like aluminum, but the truth is that wood are very popular because they mimic the environment and nature. We will see the types of pergolas we can use in the garden and some inspirations to decorate these spaces.

What are the pergolas

Modern wooden pergola

The pergolas are structures made with different materials that help delimit spaces on the outside . Whether they are passage areas or porches and shaded areas in the gardens. These pergolas are several wooden beams that are supported by columns and can be attached to the house or be independent structures. They can be used as a material to delimit areas within the gardens, but they are also designed to provide shade in certain places, so that an outdoor dining room or rest area can be created.

Types of wooden pergolas

In the market we can find various types of wooden pergolas . We have the most common pergolas, which are structures that are attached to the house to protect the porch area. They have structures at the top and columns to support them. These pergolas can also be independent, in case we want to put them somewhere in the garden.

Where to put the pergolas

Wooden pergola

The location of the pergola should be functional . Depending on the type of garden we have, we can think about which place is best for us. Some people choose to put it next to the pool, in the area of ​​the porch, a little away to make a dining room or in a passage area. The possibilities are very varied. What is important is to think about the position of the sun with respect to the terrain we have, both in winter and summer, to know how to position or guide it, so that we can get the most out of it and not provide shade in places where We want to enjoy the sun

Decorate the space under the pergola

Wooden pergolas for the garden

When it comes to decorating the area of ​​the pergola we have multiple possibilities. One of the most frequent ideas consists of add outdoor sofas with materials such as wicker, as well as a small table or a chaise longe. The textiles will help us to create a wonderful chill out zone that serves to relax. At the end of the day under the pergola is where we will have shade in the middle of summer, so it will be the place chosen to rest with the best temperature in the central hours.

On the other hand, it is possible to create a dining room under the pergola . This idea is perfect for large families who want to make meals outside the house. So they will have a shaded area to eat quietly. The furniture is usually made of wood or wicker, to match the natural material of the pergola. As for the decoration, cheerful or luminous tones are looked for, since this corner is normally used during the summer.

A good lighting It can also be key if we want to use this area at night. By having the pergola we can install lights or garlands to provide a little dim light and thus have a rest area. Today there are solar lights that can be installed without having to have an outlet in the area, so we can even install lights on pergolas that are not near the house. This way we will take advantage of this area day and night.

Protection for the pergolas

Wooden pergolas

The pergolas are usually wooden structures between which the sun passes, but which are used to add a awning or some type of protection against the sun . One of the ways to protect against the sun is with a fabric that is resistant and easy to clean. The fabrics can be easily removed, which is a great advantage, because in winter we can store it so that it does not spoil. However, there are also pergolas that offer more resistant materials such as glass. Another way to protect against the sun is to add a plant that is a vine. In this sense it will take longer to have protection from the sun but it is a kind of addition that gives a lot of life to the pergola and is also very cozy, since it integrates with the nature of the garden. The problem is that it needs more maintenance and care.