Wooden beams, a rustic touch in your home

Wooden beams

Made of wood, iron or polyurethane... the beams have become a structural and decorative element of great value. They have traditionally been associated with spaces of rustic character, however, we do not have to put them in this style. Nowadays we can find them also in houses of contemporary and avant-garde style.

Wooden beams are no longer a mere structural element of the house. Today they are a very attractive decorative asset that provides character and warmth to kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms... Present in different finishes and colors, we offer the possibility of adapting them to spaces already designed with comfort.

We tend to relate wood-beamed ceilings to rustic houses located in the mountains or the countryside. In other types of dwellings these were usually concealed on a false ceiling. Today things have changed and the structural beams do not hide, are left in sight, to adapt to the latest trends. So strong is this trend that the market for"fake"beams, those that do not fulfill a structural function if not simply decorative, has grown exponentially.

Ceilings with wooden beams


  • 1 Wooden beams on the roof
  • 2 Furniture and decorative details
  • 3 Gardens and outdoor spaces

Wooden beams on the roof

Beams are common elements in roofs of buildings , however, have not always been in sight. Today the trend is to take advantage of its decorative power, its ability to bring warmth to the spaces and connect in a certain way with the natural environment. How? We tried to show it to you.

The natural wood beams make the ceiling gain protagonism, contributing personality to the space and attracting the eyes of those who visit us. If these same beams paint the same color as the peredes, they lose strength, but they provide us with a more harmonic set.

Ceilings with wooden beams 1

Not only the color of the beams influences the final result, both the number and their arrangement are key factors that must be studied. There are flying structures in wood, which besides fulfilling an architectural function, seek to incorporate a visual element of great force in the design of our houses.

Ceilings with wooden beams 2

The warmth provided by the wooden beams is undeniable. Hence there are many who incorporate this element also in dis modern and modern ages. How? Combining wooden beams with materials such as glass. Keeping the lines of the old beams and replacing the old roof with a glazed one, will not only transform the room but will fill it with light.

Furniture and decorative details

Not only do we use beams to decorate the roofs of our homes, we also use them to create decorative furniture and accessories. Wood beams are often integrated into chimneys and serve as shelving in furniture . It is also not unusual to find them in bathrooms of rustic style, forming part of furniture of solid wood sink.

Decorative wood beams

Like the pallets, the wooden beams also serve to create original pieces of furniture. The more handyman can build from them benches, chairs and side tables ideal for decorating the hall, the living room or the bedroom. The idea of ​​using them to create a green corner at home is another one that we have liked in Decoora.

Furniture beams

Gardens and outdoor spaces

In the same way that they are used in interior spaces, they can also be used in outdoor spaces: gardens, balconies, terraces... In these cases, they should be treated appropriately to prevent pests and protect them from adverse climatic conditions. Also, we must bear in mind that being a living material, it will be necessary to keep them in good condition a periodic maintenance.

Once treated, wood beams can be converted into a great resource outdoors to create a covered area to protect us from the sun. We can also use them to create furniture and / or as a garden enclosure. You can find"old"beams for such uses in lumber yards, sawmills and carpenters that work with old timbers.

Wood beams outside

Solid wood beams are the most natural option and one of the most attractive, but also one of the most expensive. They can also create some complications due to their weight; they should be provided with a secure and adequate hold. Hence, many choose to use beams of MDF or polyurethane imitation wood. The latter do not weigh and can be placed very easily, but are only recommended for merely decorative use.

There are many uses we can give wood beams in our home. Decorating the ceiling is the most common, but we must not rule out the other alternatives as they also bring that natural and rustic touch that we seek when we use this element. And remember that not only in spaces of rustic style you can take advantage of them; in modern and avant-garde housing it is more and more frequent to resort to them.

Do you like the character of wood beams in both interior and exterior spaces?

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