Why choose laminate flooring for the home

Laminate flooring

He Laminated floor Is a choice that has gained much popularity in recent years. This is because it has many advantages over other types of soil. However, you should also read the characteristics of each type of laminate floor well to know if we are choosing the right one for each room.

In this type of soil, the Natural wood With several layers that generally derive from the wood. They can be found in many shades, emulating wood of different colors, from light woods to dark woods, gray or even whitish, to choose according to the type of decoration that we want.

One of the great advantages of this soil is its Ease of installation . Especially because you do not have to remove the ground below to put it. You simply have to fit the different pieces together to achieve the finish. The installation is fast and therefore is usually also less expensive, and this material is also quite cheaper than natural wood.

Laminate flooring 1

This material is also quite Resistant to abrasion , But anyway, to know what quality we are talking about, you have the key AC, which goes from number one to six. Number one is the type of table that has the least abrasion resistance, and six is ​​the maximum strength. It is measured with a machine that makes passes until the soil is worn. Because in this material there are also qualities. It has also been classified according to its use, whether commercial, industrial or home.

As for the finishes, they are usually smooth, although there are also sheets That imitate rustic wood , With its irregular designs, to make it more natural. Lighter shades or gray are perfect for modern places, and browns for more classic spaces.

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