Why choose bathroom showers

Shower heads

The Shower heads Are chosen on many occasions and for many different reasons. Because we like the design, because we find it more functional or because we have something in mind that we can not get with standard showers. Today we will see some models and the reasons for which to choose the shower of work or the shower of dish with standard measures.

As we like the designs and see examples to inspire us in this blog, we will also see some Great ideas for building showers Which have been great. It can be a good choice when designing a bathroom from scratch, so we must take it into account.

What are shower heads?


The showers of work are the ones that adapt to our bath and they are not prefabricated. That is, a shower that we create with the work from various materials but whose measures are what we need. For this reason they are Showers that are flush with the floor , Adapting to the measurements and the space available in the bathroom. This is an option that many people choose, since this way you can adapt the shower to the bathroom and not the other way around. We can also choose materials and finishes creating something more personalized. These showers differ from the prefabricated ones in that they do not carry a plate with a standard measures, but that creates the shower to measure.

Advantages of the showers of work

Showers 1

One of the great advantages of shower of work is that Adapt to space . By doing them as we want, without measures already imposed by a prefabricated model, we can always take advantage of the last corner of our bathroom. The use of space is much more efficient in the case of these showers of work than in prefabricated ones.

Another advantage is that when going to ground level It's much safer , That is to say, there is no risk of falls or tripping by unevenness, which is what can happen with a shower tray. That is why these types of showers are the most advisable in case we have older people. For the case we can also install handles and make it even safer and easier to access.

Another advantage of these showers is the Customization we can do When it comes to creating our shower. We will choose the type of sink, materials and finishes, since there are many of them, without having to stick to the typical shower trays as always.

He Design is usually much more beautiful And elegant that of the prefabricated showers, and also we will be able to adapt it perfectly to the style of our bathroom, reason why the shower will be integrated of the best way. In prefabricated showers there is no such integration with the natural materials.

Disadvantages of Showers

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The Installation is often more difficult and slow , Because there are no standard models and the sump and materials have to be added. The shower tray installs much faster because it is already a material manufactured in advance and its installation is simple.

Another disadvantage is that The final cost Is usually higher in the shower of work. Choosing prefabricated materials always lowers costs, so a shower of work is more expensive. But we have to think that it can compensate us in design and comfort when using it and even cleaning it.

Showers of inspiration


In the case of work showers we can Choose a lot of finishes . Sinks for example can be central or lateral, but there are many more choices to make. The materials can be very different, from traditional tile to micro cement, natural stones, silestone or even wood.

The Woods are tropical And water resistant. They have been treated so that they are not affected by being in continuous contact with the water, so they can be a great choice for your bath, so that you add a tropical touch and above all very natural. They are ideal in showers that overlook a garden.


One of the ways to choose the liner is by picking up exactly the same material from the bathroom floor. In this way we will have a total continuity and the shower will integrate in a natural way in the bathroom. One of the materials usually used to give Continuity is microcement, Which is placed all over the bathroom floor. It is a material of great resistance, it is impermeable and in addition you have it in polished or matte finish.

Another way to do the job showers is Highlighting that area with other material different. A tile in another color to distinguish perfectly the shower area, a stone finish or hydraulic tiles that also bring an original design to the floor.

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