White kitchens do not go out of style

White kitchens

White color is a classic in our kitchens. It is a color that gives the space luminosity and generates a sense of spaciousness, so it is very appropriate to decorate small kitchens. It is also elegant and clean so it is always a wise choice to choose this color.

We should not worry about the style of the kitchen. White fits all of them, being a great choice in both modern and vintage kitchens, both rustic and minimalist... And does not go out of style Playing with new trends will be easy to update with small changes.

One of the fears of using exclusively the white in the kitchen is that the result is excessively cold. However, this should not be a cause for concern. White us allows you to enter other colors with ease, so we can always update the kitchen using other colors on the counter, appliances, chairs or tables....


  • 1 Advantages of decorating the kitchen in white
  • 2 How to decorate white kitchens
  • 3 How to add color to a white kitchen

Advantages of decorating the kitchen in white

As we have already mentioned, white is a color elegant and bright which also generates sensation of amplitude. A color therefore suitable to decorate small spaces and / or in low light. But do not end their virtues here... It can not be coincidence that it is the most popular color to decorate the kitchen, do not you think?

White Kitchens 1

  • The target fits any style as you will have time to check. Modern kitchens, minimalist, rustic or of Nordic inspiration.... to all of them the target approached an important value.
  • The white kitchens are timeless, they do not go out of style . Updating them is very simple making small changes.
  • White allows us to play with different materials, textures and colors. We can combine white furniture with elements of black granite, wood or steel, among other materials, without fear of making mistakes.
  • It is a way to bring luminosity and visually expand the kitchen. A feature to take into account in small spaces and / or with little natural light.
  • White is a color that denotes purity and cleanliness . The feeling of a clean white kitchen is hard to imitate.

How to decorate white kitchens

White is a very versatile color. Do you want to give a rustic touch to your kitchen? Do you prefer a modern and modern style? No matter what your choice, white fits all styles. You only have to take into account some tips and keys to achieve the ideal look for each style of kitchen.

He minimalist style has a lot of force at the moment in the decoration of interior spaces. Reducing the elements to the essentials and combining them properly is the key to this style. Choose white furniture with clean lines and combine them with walls of the same color and wooden floors. The modern white kitchens of minimalist inspiration avocado for the simplicity, avoiding ornamental details.

White Kitchens 2

He nordic style , meanwhile, customarily combines white kitchen furniture with light woods and other natural elements that bring warmth. The result is clean and bright like the minimalist white kitchens but more warm and homely thanks to the details: indoor plants, blackboards to create shopping list or leave messages, blankets on chairs...

The white furniture melts with other metallic ones in the kitchens of industrial style . Another key of the white industrial kitchens is to expose some structural elements like beams, bricks or pipes. A New York loft is always a good source of inspiration.

Rustic and industrial white kitchens

With the rustic style kitchens we are more familiar than with the previous ones. Picking pickled or aged white wood furniture and combining them with beige curtains and forging or woodworking accessories is always a great alternative. Do not forget to decorate the table with a retro porcelain tableware and also place some flower center.

How to add color to a white kitchen

White used as color base of the decoration opens many possibilities. A fully monochromatic room can be cold and sterile if not played with a suitable combination of materials. A sensation that disappears when we incorporate a small note of color that contributes to the whole.

White kitchens

It is not necessary to flood the room with colors, a countertop or a closet door of a color other than white may be enough to give it spark to space. It is not a matter of recharging the room, but of giving it life, making it more welcoming and / or updating it.

As we have already mentioned, the worktops can give us much play in white kitchens. Materials such as white marble thanks to its gray streaks, can help us break the monochrome and pronounce even more the sense of spaciousness. We can also play with wooden, or quartz countertops both in neutral colors and in vivid hues.

Cabinet doors can also become great allies. We can interweave white doors and light woods to create a certain contrast while we add warmth to space. Although it is certainly the accessories that provide us with the simplest way of incorporating color to the white kitchens in a reversible way. Lamps, chairs, small appliances and kitchen utensils, can serve our purpose.

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