White furniture and wood to decorate the home

White and wood furniture

The white furniture and wood have been cast in many of the decorations that we can see, since it is a trend that has come with the Nordic style. White furniture with wooden parts is fashionable and we can put them in many spaces.

If you like the Scandinavian trend and the spaces that have a very natural and serene touch , then you will like how these white and wooden furniture are included in the rooms. In addition, these tones combine with almost everything, so we will not have problems in including them among other styles.

White furniture and modern wood

Living room in white and wood

Although the mixture of white and wood can be seen much in Nordic environments because of the use that is always made of both elements, the truth is that it is also possible to find modern furniture that has these characteristics. The great advantage of this mixture is that the white brings modernity and luminosity , and wood brings warmth. These furniture have a very simple minimalist touch, but the wood evokes the classic, so the mix is ​​perfect, since it does not become as cold as the furniture in black tones and minimalist style.

Nordic style in white and wood

Living room in white and wood 1

The Nordic style is what brings us the most furniture trend in white and wood . We see the famous chairs with white plastic body and wooden legs, but this extends to many other furniture, with pieces of wood and large surfaces in white. In this style the wood is reduced to some details, since what is usually sought is to give much light to everything. In addition, these furniture are simple and basic lines, with wood in light colors and natural appearance, avoiding varnishes.

Classic furniture in white and wood

Classic dining room

In the classical style we can see some furniture that has been renovated in white and wood . These dining room furniture have a broken white color that has been a bit aged to give more authenticity to the furniture. The wood is also usually a little darker than that of the Nordic style furniture and varnishes, noticing the veins to give it texture. In this environment the furniture is not heavy due to its white tones and allows to add a nice light blue color to the walls.

Eaters in white and wood

White rustic style and wood

The dining rooms in white and wood show us spaces that are welcoming and current . It is a good mix if we want to renovate a wooden table, adding white color to its legs. This for example has a top with rustic style wood that is modernized with the touch of white. That is how we can add those contemporary white chairs. These furniture allow us to mix trends and styles with great ease, as well as colors, since they are basic tones.

Living room in white and wood

Living room with Nordic furniture

The white furniture and wood are perfect for the lounge area , where we must create relaxing and welcoming environments. This room has some peculiar sofas that have armrests in shades of wood, to match the coffee table and the dining table. They have created a simple but perfectly combined space.

Kitchen in white and wood

Kitchen in white and wood

To create a current and simple kitchen You do not need much more than furniture with touches of wood and white lacquered doors. It is a beautiful, modern and elegant idea for a kitchen, as well as being functional and not going out of style easily. This simple space will allow us to add some color with other elements, such as kitchen utensils or plants.

Youth room in white and wood

Youth room in white and wood

Here we see a nice example of a youthful room with furniture that mix white tones and wood , with white knobs too. It is a set of combined furniture that has a bed, desk and storage furniture. We could leave it that way and we would have a nice room that is also functional, but they have wanted to go a little further by painting the walls with polka dots in brown tones, which highlight the furniture even more. Sometimes the mixtures of colors are what make the difference with these simple furniture and the best thing is that they can accommodate almost any tone.

Bathrooms in white and wood

White and wood furniture

Who said that in the bathrooms you could not add wood. The truth is that nowadays the woods are treated to withstand humidity and we have tropical woods that are also totally suitable for these environments. In this way we will not have to give up the furniture with wood for the bathroom area . This space mixes the white toilets with wooden countertops at different levels. Simplicity and originality at the same time. The set is completed with some wooden storage furniture that stands out on the white background.