White and gray kitchens for the home

Modern kitchen

Our home deserves a great kitchen suited to our needs , but this one also has to have style. One of the simplest mixtures we can use in the tones of the white and gray kitchens. They are modern, fresh, modern and elegant, as well as having the quality that they hardly go out of style.

The Nordic trend teaches us that the sober is worn and that we can also create very beautiful environments with such shades basic as white and gray . In this case we refer to the kitchens, places where functionality prevails, but in which we do not want to give up a nice space full of style.

White kitchens with touches of gray

Touches of gray

If a totally snowy kitchen seems an excess to you and you want to put some brushstrokes that do not diminish charm to the total white, then we recommend pearl gray , which also will not take away luminosity in this area. Painting a wall in gray, some tiles, or simply adding some accessories in this pastel gray shade is a great idea to not saturate with the mixture or remove light in the room. In addition, the silver utensils will always match this grayish tone. If you see that you lack warmth to the environment so white, you can add natural touches, such as wicker chairs, touches of wood and green plants.

Kitchen with gray walls

Walls in gray

One of the simplest ways to add gray in these kitchens is put it on the walls or even on the floors . On the walls it is possible if the kitchen has enough natural light, because otherwise it will reduce much luminosity. In this case it is always better to put the gray tone on the floors and that these also have a bright finish, because the matt also removes light. In this case, they have not limited themselves to painting gray-toned walls, but they have also added a texture with a finish that imitates brick or stone to give a rustic touch to a kitchen that is very modern.

Kitchens with gray appliances

Gray Appliances

The stainless steel appliances already add a part in gray in our white kitchens, so that finally we will have the mixture of gray and white almost unintentionally. They are appliances of better quality and also more durable, so they are always a great choice when adding them in the kitchen. To match these appliances we can put some metal details such as accessories or door handles. In this kitchen they have also added gray doors in the lower furniture.

Nordic Kitchens

Nordic style

If there is a style in which sobriety is everything, that is the Nordic style. The Nordic environments always convince us because they are functional , simple and very beautiful. Like this great kitchen, in which we also have some details that can inspire us, it is easy to get used to this style, which also will never tire us. We love the detail of the hydraulic tiles in the front area of ​​the kitchen, which gives a lot of personality to the space. Otherwise it would be an exceedingly simple kitchen, which could even seem boring.

Classic kitchens in white and gray

Classic kitchens

He classic style also like a lot in the kitchens , because it gives them a unique charm and a warmth that modern kitchens will hardly have. In this case they have opted for doors and furniture painted in a medium gray, white tiles and countertop in imitation of wood to add warmth. This combination certainly works and shows us that with few tones we can have a beautiful space in which nothing else is needed. Painting wood furniture in a tone like gray also helps to renovate and modernize too classic spaces.

Kitchens in chic style

Chic style

He Gray is sophisticated and chic, like black and white , so it is not surprising that it is used in more decorative kitchens. This for example is modern, with a pearl gray tone and other darker shades of gray on the walls and in those chairs that mimic a padded upholstery. With a few lights that highlight the gray tone and some stainless steel appliances we already have the ideal chic kitchen. If you want to go a little further, you can always put an elegant lamp in black or white to complete the set.

Modern style kitchen

Natural style kitchen

We finish with the more modern style for kitchens . The gray tone is a color that has become fashionable not so long ago, since before it was boring. But we have come to see it as a basic essential in the home and has shown us that it is suitable for all stays. If you want to decorate a modern kitchen and do not want everything to be white, you can add gray, since it is a basic shade but not as dark as black, which can remove too much light to the environment.