Which style is best for a small flat

Modern kitchen interior

In the previous article I talked about the secrets of color to get more out of a small home, but I see it necessary to talk a little more about the subject and comment on some important aspects about the style that would suit you and incidentally add information about lighting And some details to maximize space. How about?

As you know, you should use clear, neutral and pastel colors to paint the walls of your small house but also to look for the luminosity and also it is appropriate to look for contrasts with the objects of decoration but now I will explain some more things to you. Do not lose detail!

Undoubtedly the style that will best fit a small apartment is the Modern and minimalist style Because with the straight and simple lines that characterize it will give a great distinction and also that in these styles should be paramount space, order and functionality three essential aspects for a small floor because this way you can decorate in such a way that although Rooms with a reduced space may appear larger. In addition you will have to leave aside the unnecessary accessories or the decoration that overload the environment because in this way you would only reduce the space and give a feeling of overwhelm that you will not like at all.

Minimalist floor reduced1

Of course Light is key So that a small space is more cozy so you have to maximize natural light to create serenity in the room. Although by the time of night (or in case you do not have the opportunity to enhance natural light) there are lights currently on the market (LED technology) that will help you to give adequate light, but nothing has to do with artificial light natural light.

Finally, I would like to say to you, do not hesitate. To put mirrors Since if you place them in places where they can reflect large windows or open spaces you will expand the room and give you the luminosity you need so much Your little flat .

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