What you should know to decorate the bedroom walls in purple

purple bedroom with bay window

Purple is a color that offers a sophisticated atmosphere and brings luxury to a room. It is also a color that stimulates creativity and creates a pleasant atmosphere, so for those people who like to write or study in the bedroom, the color purple is the perfect color for the walls. You just have to take into account that there is a variety of tones and you will have to choose the one that goes best with you and with the decorative intention that you have.

A great variety of tones

There are many different shades that exist in the color purple for you to choose. You need to keep this in mind, since you will have to select not only the one you like the most, but also the one that best matches the rest of the bedroom decoration. It is ideal to find colors that match the purple like light brown, white, black, red or yellow.

Some of the tones you can choose for your purple bedroom are the following:

  • Purple
  • Lilac
  • Mallow
  • Iris or lily
  • Violet
  • Lavender
  • Heather

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The popularity of color

If you look at the past, you will have noticed that the color purple is the color that predominates in the royalties. Cleopatra's favorite color was also purple, and many personalities of power this color dominated them. Purple has always been very popular today and that is why it is always one of the first choices you have when designing interiors.

If this information you did not know, it is important that you have it in mind when you want to decorate a bedroom with this color. Because you can have a very elegant room thanks to this color, and it is necessary that the decoration you have is in line with the elegance of the tonality you choose.

Purple absorbs light

The purple absorbs light so it is ideal to decorate it taking into account light colors, that the room is spacious and that there is enough natural light. Otherwise, if you do not take this into account, you may want to stay for a while without realizing it, and even if the tone you choose is dark, you turn off the vitality of a room.

Therefore, and knowing this, It is also necessary to mention that mirror furniture does not only do justice to color but also increases the richness of color. Again, the reflections of the mirrors allow the room to be adequately illuminated. The purple also looks beautiful when combined with white and gray, so consider these two colors when decorating the bedroom.

What you should know to decorate the bedroom walls in purple

Purple not only on the walls

In addition to the purple walls, you can choose softer shades for accessories. The color violet and lavender should be the most viable options. You can also include some accessories of neutral colors such as lampshades, vases, chairs or side tables to soften the appearance of purple. That is You can decorate with different shades of purple, not only on the walls, but also in the rest of the room taking into account furniture, accessories, fabrics, curtains, bedding, etc.

The purple is the signature of your personality

According to popular belief, Leonardo da Vinci used to meditate on lavender or purple light when he felt stressed. He had a deep faith in the power of color, and it's no wonder! The concept of Feng Shui recommends the color purple as a beneficial color for the rooms and the emotional state of the people, as if this color will bring balance to your mind and your body. The purple walls in the bedroom are the signature of your personality.

If you want to check all this, you will only have to choose the tone of the color that you like and start thinking how you can decorate your bedroom to make it your preferred stay starting today.

purple bedroom with light

Subtle purple or deep purple

If you have a bedroom with small windows, that is, the room is not too bright, then it is best to choose a subtle shade of purple so that the room does not get too dark. A light shade of purple can make the room look bigger and brighter.

Instead, You can use a more intense purple tone to give the room a sophisticated and elegant look. However, this appearance generally only works for rooms with large windows or glass walls, so if your room is not big enough, it is better to decant with a less intense purple tone.

Search for visual balance

It is important to try to create a harmonious decoration for the room. Therefore, if you use a darker purple tone on the walls, combine it with light colors, neutrals and warm tones to achieve a balanced appearance.