Wallpaper in the kitchen, a great idea

We undoubtedly love wallpaper, an element that has become fashionable again and that should never go away, because it offers a huge list of possibilities when it comes to decorating spaces. We can use different papers for each stay in the house, so today we will see ideas for putting wallpaper in the kitchen .

He wallpaper in the kitchen area It is also possible, but we must think about where to put it, because in some places it is not functional. However, it is an element that can give a very different touch to the walls of our kitchen, from being a functional place to another more chic and decorative.

Colorful wallpaper

He wallpaper can have a very colorful design , something that will give an extra joy to a kitchen decorated in sober tones. In this kitchen we see how they have opted for an intense turquoise and that fills the entire front. In order to protect the paper from the oil and the food at the time of cooking, they have placed in front a glass panel that allows to see the paper and at the same time makes this area easy to clean.

Wallpaper inspired the world of the kitchen

We can also enjoy adding a Wallpaper that has gastronomic motifs , so that everything goes hand in hand. There are fun papers with coffee cups, spoons and typical kitchen utensils that really only look good in this space. So do not hesitate to add something like that on at least one of the walls.

Tropical wallpaper

This white kitchen with that tropical touch we love it, and it is an element that gives freshness and joy to a kitchen that would be simply white, but now it is something else. The matching carpet increases the green touch inside the kitchen, creating a relaxing and happy space at the same time.

Striped wallpaper

If we like the original but classic touches We can always go to the stripes and polka dots. In this case we find stripes painted on the walls, which are really striking, although one of the colors is white. You can also find several sizes of stripes, with some thicker or thinner, so you can choose what you like best. Black and white is always a success that does not go out of style in any room and that is also very sophisticated.

Wallpaper in sober tones

If you think that the wallpaper is going to have enough prominence on its own, you can opt for sober tones that they do not get so much attention and that they easily integrate into any space. Gray, black, white and beige are ideal for this. White and black are perfect for Nordic and modern environments, while warm colors are used to create more cozy atmospheres in vintage or classic environments.

Floral wallpaper

If there is something that is reinvented again and again and that does not go out of fashion in the decoration is the floral print. In this case we found a floral wallpaper inspired by the countryside , with wild flowers and colors that help us decorate. White background, lots of green and red touches that serve as inspiration to add the other touches of color in the kitchen, decorating well around what the wallpaper offers us.

Wallpaper in the dining area

The dining room is also part of the kitchen and is the ideal place to put a wallpaper, differentiating this space from the rest. In addition, the wallpaper here will not stain so much, as it can happen on the front of the kitchen. This paper is very beautiful, with large plants that fill everything, creating a space for relaxation thanks to the walls. No doubt you do not need much more when decorating the dining room, since here we have a very simple one, in white tones and basic furniture.

Wallpaper inspired by the forest

This wallpaper we have already seen it on several occasions, and it is that it is a Very nice and simple paper that imitates a forest and it looks good in all rooms, from the hall to the bedroom or the kitchen in this case. It has been mixed in the walls with tiles, which are perfect for the areas that get dirty most. In addition, this paper contrasts with the two-tone tiled floor in vintage style.

Vintage wallpaper

If you like those typical vintage kitchens that are inspired by the fifties and use many vintage colors, then you have to add this nice and sweet paper. Use the typical cupcakes that have become so fashionable, to add pastel colors to the walls.

Flamingo wallpaper

We also had to add this idea, which is that we love the Flamenco idea , which are also great to decorate any corner.