Vintage vs. Retro, what's the difference and decorative ideas

Vintage vs.  Retro, what's the difference and decorative ideas

Many people confuse these two terms. We are clear that these are things that evoke the past, but are not synonymous, but each one has a meaning, so today we will clarify what we talk about when we talk about Vintage vs. Retro , Because they are different things and we must take it into account to decorate with them.

In addition, both Encompass different trends , Although of course you can mix objects that are vintage and others that are retro without any problem. If you like the fashion of objects that remind you of other past decades and you want that nostalgic touch at home, do not forget to find out about these two trends that are sometimes confused.

What is vintage?

Vintage bar

We must stay with it Vintage is the real thing . That is to say, they are things that are not yet antiques, but that already have a certain hearth. Those things that have been made before the 90's and that have the style of their own time. Consoles of the eighties, dresses of the seventies, a furniture of the sixties. All this was made decades ago in a style that has already gone out of fashion, but today has regained value and interest as something vintage, something from another era that gives an antiquated and original touch to any space.

Vintage is not only used in clothing, but also in decoration. If we want a Vintage decor What we have to do is collect things from yesteryear. A grandmother's furniture in wood with that old style, a shelf of the 70's. Normally these vintage objects need a review to update them a little, since they are pieces of decades that could have spoiled a bit. In any case, we can restore them ourselves by watching tutorials or asking an expert to do so. So, you know, look in the store for those things that have been going on for decades that can turn vintage.

What is retro?

Retro lounge

The retro trend however refers to those objects that are created today but which Imitate other decades And past styles. The famous Smeg refrigerators for example are retro, because they imitate the appliances of the 50's but they are totally current. We can find tables in 50's style with that original modernism, or pieces that mimic mythical things, like the old cameras. There are a thousand ideas in this sense in the current decoration stores. You do not have to go to thrift stores, as that would be vintage, but go through the shops where they create retro objects and get carried away by those ideas that are current but have taken inspiration in past decades.

We decorate with vintage trend

The vintage trend increasingly likes people, but we have many ways to use it. On the one hand we can decorate a room with completely vintage pieces, with Old forge beds , Restored wooden furniture and antique pieces that we have recovered. On the other hand, we can simply give a vintage touch to a more modern environment. Blends are certainly the most successful, because we run the risk of the space seem too old or even boring, so we can give a more modern touch with some modern furniture, a shelf or lamps today.

We decorate with retro trend

Retro kitchen

The retro trend is much easier to carry out. It is certainly difficult to find authentic objects from different eras that are in good condition or have to restore them, but in the case of retro trend is simple because there are many shops where they sell such objects that evoke past trends. Furniture 50's Retro Style , Appliances with that retro air like Smeg refrigerators and in general everything that imitates another era but is manufactured today. In general you can easily decorate a stay in retro style and it will look great, nor should we even resort to blends, although retro objects can be added in modern and current spaces easily.

Styles that combine with retro and vintage

There are many styles that seem especially made to add retro or vintage touches. He Industrial style Imitates the era of industrial revolution, restored lofts and everything that is inspired by the industry, so it is a retro style in itself and can accommodate many retro things and even combine with an antique vintage furniture that Has been restored. The Nordic style also often uses vintage pieces to give a more intimate touch and less design to everything, working mainly with pieces of wood. As for the classic style, there will always be room for vintage pieces from other times.

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