Vintage shutters for decorating

Vintage shutters

The old always takes a new life with the vintage trend. It is a way of reusing furniture and pieces that seemed to have passed to a better life, but have been revalued. Today we will talk about the tendency to include Vintage shutters In your home, in various ways and with great originality.

You must forget the usual uses of furniture, as it is now fashionable To reinvent things To give them another turn and turn them into something totally new and surprising. Do not wait for the ideas that can be extracted from the typical wooden shutters of old windows. Take note!

Vintage shutters 1

You have the fabulous idea of ​​putting together many windows and creating a whole Canvas on the wall Or on the roof. It is something amazing, and you can paint them of colors, renew them or put them in its original aspect. They are ideal for a vintage or industrial style, and also to give a different touch to the rustic style.

Vintage Shutters 2

The most useful idea is to use these windows as a shelving , Taking advantage of those holes. In the kitchen you will not only decorate, but you will also have well-ordered your household items. In the bedroom will serve to put the accessories. And if you do as in the image, and pints to match everything, you have won an element with much style and personality.

Vintage shutters 3

Another use is that of a Decorative element . Without having any other function, the windows can be used as a decorative part, leaving them leaning against a wall or a corner. This idea has also given rise to bed headboards made with this element.

Vintage shutters 4

Finally, we have a genius that seems drawn from an art exhibition. Nail Nice chairs Created from these windows, displaying an unparalleled creativity. This is an element that will draw attention when your visits arrive.

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