Vintage mirrors for the decoration of your home

Vintage mirror

Mirrors are an essential element for the decoration of any home. Although there may be people who mirrors them a little the same in the decoration, they are practical and there will always be some in some room of the home. For example, there are always mirrors in the bathrooms, in some of the bedrooms or in the room to change clothes.

Therefore, there are people who do not use the mirrors as decorative elements but will use them for their practical use. But regardless of the use you give your mirrors at home, you can choose the style that fits best in the decoration of your house and the style you like to customize your home. There is a style of decorative mirrors that will never go out of style: vintage mirrors.

There are many types of vintage mirrors that you can find on the market and it will depend on the space available in your home and on your personal tastes that you choose one type of mirror or another. A vintage mirror may appeal to you regardless of the style you have or the model it is because everyone has a touch that makes them special: they make you go back in time.

The vintage mirrors will bring home a retro atmosphere that will make your home special and in addition, it will bring a great elegant touch that can not bring you another type of style in the mirrors. There are many types of mirrors and it will depend on your tastes that you choose one or the other. What is certain is that these mirrors will bring you in addition to elegance all the benefits that can bring you a mirror: they will bring luminosity to your home, the rooms will look bigger than they are in reality, they are practical they will be able to reflect your image, you can place them in the rooms that you think are best in your home.


Vintage mirrors for your home

There is a mirror called sturburst mirror is ideal because it seems to be made from star formations. It is a round mirror that is accompanied by many small mirrors in its arms that makes it look like a great star or a galactic component. It is necessary to be very clear if you want to decorate with them because it can be a decoration of the most successful or that is very drab if it does not fit well with the rest of the decoration of the place.

Normally what makes vintage mirrors special is the frame they have since they are the ones that bring that decorative style of years ago. They are style that will make you go to a time of the past, years ago... being undoubtedly, today.

The frames of the vintage mirrors are usually worked in antique material (although today it is used to achieve other effects), such as metal, wood, forging... Materials that will bring much glamor and elegance to your stays as long as they fit well to the decor of the room where you choose to decorate it .

vintage salon mirror

There are also very clear models that are vintage like mirrors with gold frames that mimic the rays of the sun or other more bulky. But the vintage mirror style that you choose for your home is essential to fit the rest of the decoration because otherwise it can be very tacky. It is not necessary that you have a decoration in your home that is absolutely retro or vintage to fit, much less. A minimalist home entrance can look great with a vintage mirror on the wall, it will depend on the combination you choose.

Ideal for any stay

People decide to use this type of vintage mirrors for any area of ​​the home prioritizing especially in entrances, living rooms or bedrooms. For example, in a bedroom you can go very well behind the bed headboard (although this case will need that the head has a soft color to not recharge the environment and that the style is simple), at the entrance of your home on the opposite wall just open the door and if it is in the living room, it can also fit perfectly on an accent wall or behind a sofa.

If you consider that a stay has a somewhat boring atmosphere, a vintage mirror may also be a good choice for you. If you think the walls of some of your rooms look boring, put these mirrors can be a great option to enjoy a more elegant and at the same time, with a lot of personality. The only thing that if you add vintage mirrors the ideal is to complement the decoration with furniture in light tones to avoid that it will overload the stay too much.


Before buying your vintage mirrors, you will need to think about how and where you want to decorate with them, so you will not go wrong in decorating and will look great in your home.