Venetian mirrors, a classic to decorate your walls

Venetian mirrors as decoration

The Venetian mirrors They are able to put a note of sophistication in any environment. They are classic mirrors with a long history; it is believed that it was around 1350 when the first ones were made in the Italian island of Murano. It was Nuzio da Murano, son of the first glazier master of the area, in fact, who seems to have made the first one.

Today, different companies based in Murano continue to manufacture these characteristic mirrors because they also have the moon, the also mirror frame . A frame that is usually formed by small pieces decorated with floral motifs that are engraved with a stone lathe.

Originally, the frame of the Venetian mirrors was made of carved wood or ivory, but at the end of the s. XVIII won the characteristic glass molding today. A molding that besides presenting engraved motifs , as we have already mentioned, you can also present hand-cut crystal flowers.

Ideas to decorate with Venetian mirrors

Do you want to put a sophistication note in a croncreta room in your home? If so, in the Venetian mirrors you will find a great ally. Place them on a dresser in the hall, on the fireplace in the living room or in the bathroom to add a vintage touch to it. Bet on a single large mirror or combine a smaller one with other mirrors to create original sets, as shown in the image below.

Venetian mirrors

In the hall, in the living room, in the dressing room or in the bathroom. Venetian mirrors are very striking and are a great resource for decorate the walls of our home. Look for inspiration in the images we have collected for you to know how to get the most out of this classic.

Venetian mirrors in the hall

They are an ideal complement for comfortable and classic style sideboards or neoclassical. Choose both pieces carefully: so that the mirror does not cover the width of the dresser completely. And you saw the dresser with small decorative accessories and a plant that bring personality and freshness, respectively, to the set.

Venetian mirrors in the hall

Venetian mirrors in the bedroom

We can think of many uses for Venetian mirrors in the bedroom. A Venetian standing mirror will be very practical in the dressing area or near the wardrobe. You can see yourself from head to toe and approve or disapprove your outfits before leaving home in the morning.

Venetian mirrors in the bedroom

You can also use it on a console or commode for create a dressing table in which to comb or make up. We like them a lot in children's and youth bedrooms, hanging on a chest of drawers. Remember that mirrors are a great ally to reflect light and add depth to the rooms.

Venetian mirrors to decorate in living room

In the living room it is usual to find Venetian mirrors over the chimneys . But we have also seen them in classic style rooms on comfortable framing the sofa. Also, as we mentioned at the beginning, they can be used in conjunction with other mirrors to decorate the main wall.

Venetian mirrors in the living room

Venetian mirrors in the bathroom

If there is a room in which the mirror becomes a essential element, that is the bathroom. Even so, we have been surprised by the great number of possibilities that we have found to decorate the bathroom with Venetian mirrors, indistinctly of the style with which this has been decorated.

Venetian mirrors in the bathroom

As you can see in the image above, Venetian mirrors fit perfectly in bathrooms of different styles. If you want to give them all the prominence you will have to try, that is, not to choose an excessively striking piece of furniture. The option of combining modern furniture with a classic mirror like Venetian is one of our favorites.

How much does a Venetian mirror cost?

The Venetian mirrors with certificate of authenticity They are not cheap. Be wary of bargains! A model of 105 x 65 cm. it usually exceeds € 1,000 and costs from € 2,500 if it is old. A cost that varies according to the richness of the artisan details.

Is it possible to find cheaper Venetian mirrors? Without certificate of authenticity, it is possible. In the market you can find Venetian mirrors of 85? 55 cm. from 125â?? ¬Â and pieces of 80x 120 very rich in details from 500â?? ¬. They are not the originals but if you like the style that these bring to the rooms, this is a much more accessible alternative for all pockets.

Venetian mirrors are a classic with which to decorate our walls. Its peculiar design, entirely made of mirror, makes them very attractive and interesting decoratively speaking to visually expand the spaces. There is a great diversity of models, although the oval with superior ornaments and floral details recorded are the most popular as we have been able to check the selection of images.

Do you like Venetian mirrors? What room in the house would you decorate with this type of mirror?