Tricks to clean aluminum

Tricks to clean aluminum

The aluminum Is very present in our homes. Many household appliances contain aluminum cladding and numerous kitchen utensils made with this metal because it is a light metal and good conductor of heat. It is also a metal with a lot of presence in exterior elements: windows, frames...

The shine of aluminum is attractive to us to decorate our home, however, we do not always know how to keep it in good condition. The best way to do this is Clean it regularly , So that the dirt does not accumulate and deteriorate. In addition there are some tricks and homemade formulas to clean the aluminum that we think you should know we show!

Aluminum is a very versatile and resistant material and as such is widely used both indoors and outdoors. However, it is also a Delicate material, Since they can be discolored with the use, scratch if we do not treat it properly and abolish with simple blows. Hence it is important to know with what and how to clean it.

How to Clean Aluminum

Regular cleaning of aluminum utensils is key to avoiding the accumulation of dirt and preventing Rust buildup Of aluminum, a form of corrosion that can affect the integrity of the metal. There are a variety of products for cleaning aluminum. However, we can also use effective home formulas to the same end.

Cloths for cleaning aluminum

Whatever the product chosen, to clean and dry the aluminum must be used Cloths and soft sponges That do not damage its surface. In addition, aluminum must be treated with back and forth movements, ie, forward and backward, avoiding to make circular movements that can spoil its uniformity. It is also advisable to perform a test in a poorly visible place, before applying the solution on the whole object and in the case of commercial polishers, follow the manufacturer's instructions step by step.

Before applying a cleansing formula...

Before applying any cleansing formula, we will use a Soapy solution for degreasing And remove stains from the aluminum surface. We will do it with a cloth or a sponge, without scratching or mistreating the surface. By regularly cleaning this way, we will keep the aluminum in optimum condition.

Clean with soap and water

If the dirt has accumulated and the soap solution is not enough to return the luster to the aluminum, we will have to use more active solutions. Acid Solutions Which will return the color to aluminum effectively.

Formulas for cleaning aluminum

To remove aggressive stains from the aluminum can be used acid solutions made with products common in our homes like ammonia, vinegar or lemon juice. These solutions Reduce fading Caused by oxidation and return the shine to objects.

  • The vinegar Is one of the foods that have the most profits when it comes to cleaning. It serves almost everything, there are few things you can not clean at home using vinegar. In the case of using it to clean the aluminum, it is ideal to boil water with the correct proportion of vinegar (2 tablespoons for 1/4 of water) in a large container and to introduce the objects to be cleaned in it until the aluminum has been discolored. Then let the water cool down, rinse the cleaned items under the tap and dry with a soft cloth.

We can substitute vinegar for lemon juice or cream tartar obtaining similar results. In any case, it is advisable to wear gloves and heat the solution in a Ventilated area So as not to suck up the vapors and avoid possible headaches.

Clean aluminum

  • Another way to clean aluminum is to create a Pasta with vinegar, salt and flour . We begin by pouring a spoonful of salt into a bowl with a cup of vinegar, then gradually add the flour while mixing for a uniform paste. Once obtained, apply the paste on the metal with a soft cloth and leave it to act a minimum of 20 minutes. Then rinse with warm water and dry with a flannel.
  • Ketchup Also seems to be a good choice to clean this metal. The idea is to cover the object with a thin layer of ketchup and leave to act between 10 and 20 minutes. The ketchup is corrosive so the time must be controlled so that undesired effects do not occur in the application area. Then rub the surface and rinse with warm water.

As you can see, there are numerous ways of Clean the aluminum Without the need to use commercial formulas. Everyday ingredients become in this case your best ally for it. Now that you know how to clean and bring back the shine to aluminum objects, will you put them into practice? You no longer have excuses! Your kitchen utensils, window frames and decorative objects will have an improved look with minimal effort on your part.

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