Tips for decorating with ceiling fans


Summer is approaching and you will have noticed how temperatures begin to rise and the heat begins to be felt at the central hours of the day. A good option aside from a good air conditioner is to put a ceiling fan to help you cool down and give an ideal touch in the decoration of the house. Today there are many models of fans on the market that help you decide the most suitable for your home.

If you plan to put one, do not lose detail and take good note of The best tips to install and enjoy the best ceiling fan possible.


Ceiling fans have some advantage over other cooling systems such as air conditioning and it is that their consumption is quite low since they spend almost 90% less than the aforementioned air device. In addition to helping you give a decorative touch to the room in question, Is ideal when it comes to driving away the mosquitoes so typical and annoying at this time. Another advantage to keep in mind is that ceiling fans are much cheaper than an air conditioner that costs a lot more.


Tips on installing the ceiling fan

The ceiling fan you can put yourself in your house or call a specialist to leave it on and this way you do not have to complicate your life. If you like the DIY theme you can put it without problems and following a series of steps quite easy and simple. First of all you should know that the fans that have the wooden blades are the ones that make the least noise. Few-edged and somewhat sloping fans are best to keep the room cool. If the ceiling is too low, it is best to install the fan. The height suitable to put the ceiling fan is about two and a half meters, this height makes the device work perfectly and helps you to refresh the room in question.


Decoration with ceiling fans

In addition to being quite practical and very simple to install, ceiling fans give a decorative touch quite personal and different to the space in which they are installed. It is a decorative object that jumps out of sight and that should be combined with the rest of the furniture in the house. Before placing it, You must take into account the dimensions of the room in which you want to place it since there are fans with larger blades and other smaller ones. The size of the blades is quite important as it depends on them to remove more or less air from the room. Remember that there is a great variety of this type of fans in the market so you have to do with the model that you like and adapt to your needs.


An interesting option when buying a ceiling fan is to do it with built-in light. This way you can aerate the room to combat the high temperatures of the summer and on the other hand to be able to illuminate the same. You will have no problem finding a fan with built-in light since there are many models of it on the market. Another aspect to take into account when installing the ceiling fan, is the control system to turn the appliance on and off. You can find more modern and expensive fans that carry a remote control or a wall controller and others much cheaper and practical that carry the typical chain.


Another important aspect to keep in mind when choosing one is to be as quiet as possible to avoid being disturbed at bedtime. As you can see there are many elements that you should keep in mind when installing a nice ceiling fan in your home. It is true that the air of a fan is not the same as that provided by an air conditioner since it is last Cools and cools the entire atmosphere while the fan slightly removes the air from the room in order to make the environment much more pleasant despite the high temperatures.


In any case it is a very practical way of dealing with the heat so typical of summer and on the way give a decorative touch to the stay of the house in which you place said fan. I hope you have helped all these tips and choose the fan that best suits your home as the high temperatures have already arrived to stay for several months.

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