Tips for combining colors

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A good combination of colors is ideal when it comes to getting some contrast in the decoration of the whole house and to enjoy it. It is important to play with different types of shades that combine perfectly and get a current and elegant decoration at the same time.

Next I'll show you three types of color combinations So you can make the most of all the decoration of the house and create a cozy and personal place.


  • 1 Gray and pink
  • 2 White and red
  • 3 Blue and dark wood

Gray and pink

This type of combination is perfect when creating quiet, pleasant and elegant spaces so it is perfect for use in the bedroom or in the living room. The gray combined with the pink is a typical combination of the Scandinavian decorative style and helps to give light to a certain stay of the house without losing the warmth of it. The furniture should be of wood and straight lines to get a perfect decoration in all aspects. In addition to these two colors you can use others that are clear and neutral as white or beige and maximize light and wide spaces. As you have seen it is a combination of colors that helps create a quiet and cozy space in which to be able to rest after an intense day of work.

Tips for combining colors

White and red

It may seem like a somewhat risky type of combination but it is ideal for a stylish and modern decor. Red is an intense color that will help give enough warmth and strength to the stay of the house of your choice and white manages to maximize natural light. You can use it in an area of ​​the house as the living room and get a kind of decoration somewhat risky and modern. In relation to the furniture used should be of quite light tones and lacquered to get them to stand out in the total decoration of the house. In case you want to give more warmth to the house, you can add more warm colors like yellow or orange as they combine perfectly with both red and white.

However the combination of white and red is perfect to use during the winter months and get a rather warm and cozy home that helps increase the interior temperature of the house. If you are tired of the current decor of the house, the combination of red and white is perfect when it comes to getting a brand new and totally new decoration.

Tips for combining colors 1

Blue and dark wood

Another perfect combination for the home is the blue color with a type of dark wood that you can use in the different furniture of the house. You can use this wonderful combination of colors when decorating your bedroom or the living room of your house. Blue is an ideal color when it comes to providing a room with a lot of light and giving it a lot of brightness. It is a tone that evokes the sea and the beach so it is perfect to use during the summer months and get a natural touch quite interesting to the place of the house you want. The contrast of the blue with the dark wood is perfect for the decoration of the house and to get a cozy and quiet place.

Tips for combining colors 2

When painting the walls it is advisable to choose light or neutral colors that help to expand the space in question. The best allies for this type of combination are cold colors such as green or purple. When using them you will bring a great freshness in the space of the house that you want and help to counteract the high temperatures of the summer. If you decide to add a bit of white you will give the place a very important luminosity plus and if you combine the blue and the dark wood with more intense tones, you can have a quite elegant space. As you can see this type of color combination is perfect for these months and you can use it in the house on the beach.

Tips for combining colors 3

These are 3 types of pretty color combinations that you can use to decorate your home and give it a modern and modern touch. If you are tired of the decoration of your house, choose the kind of combination you like and give a personal touch to the house. Anyway there are thousands of combinations between colors so you can choose the one that you like and go best with the type of decoration of your house.

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