Things you can do at home while you're waiting


When I refer to doing things at home while you're waiting I mean take advantage of the time even if it's talking on the phone. Or maybe you're waiting for a visit, or maybe you're waiting with your phone company's waiting song for endless minutes. There are waiting times that It does not have to be wasted time , So you can take advantage of doing things at home. Do not miss the following ideas!

Clean the dust

While the background music of your phone company is playing you can put your hands free, pick up the dust cloth... and clean the surfaces of your home! You can clean tables, furniture, chairs... and even more if the waiting time is too long.

Sweep the room

Another idea is to sweep the living room (or the kitchen, or your bedroom or the stairs... what you see that has more lint) while you wait for your guests to arrive. Sweeping is fast and results are always adequate, so do not hesitate a lot and if you have a few minutes do not lose them and sweep.

Put things in order

Especially if you have children at home you will be accustomed to everything being out of place. Do not despair, it's normal. But if you have a few"free"minutes because of The endless waiting of the phone , Do not hesitate to also put the hands free and order the photographs, boxes or whatever you have per house that is out of place. Time taken to the maximum!

Water plants

If your daily life is too stressful, you do not have time to water the plants, use these empty minutes so that your plants can feed through the water, they will thank you and you will feel much better because you have taken care of them as you deserve.

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