The success of painting the doors in white

The doors of your house are a very important part of your home. Your doors can make a difference in the decoration of your home. Thinking about the color you want to put on your doors is important because you can get an effect or another, depending on the color you choose. Today we are going to talk about the success of painting the doors in white.

White is a pure color, which transmits purity, spaciousness and calmness. It is a color suitable for any home, with any decorative style and also, without taking into account the size of the house or the rooms. White if used and combined well, will always be a success.

The white on the doors of your home and the color on the walls

But why the white on the doors of your house can be a success? If you like white, then you are right for sure. It is clear that you can choose the color that most catches your attention or that you think fits better with your decoration, but the white on your doors, can make a difference.

If you have a small home, the white color of the doors will be essential as it will bring light and spaciousness to your stay, and just for having the doors painted white! In addition, they are ideal and fit with most paint colors you have on the walls. Yes, There is a color that is best not to use for white doors: the walls of your home should not be white, because then it would have an effect of 'hospital' little aggravates and nothing cozy.

But the white doors fit with colors on the strongest walls, energetic, vibrant and even also, with pastel tones. Depending on the color you choose for your walls in combination with your doors, you can achieve one effect or another.

For example, if you choose vibrant colors you will find a feeling that counteracts, because you will be combining energy with calmness and purity. If instead you decide to choose a pastel color for your stay and that fits with the white door, you will realize how the sensation that transmits to you is of peace and well-being. They are soothing and relaxing colors that will make you feel wonderful.

The entrance door in your home

We are accustomed to the color of the entrance doors of homes being dark brown or somewhat lighter. Fortunately, this begins to break down little by little and people begin to choose other colors for the entrance door of their house.

More vibrant colors such as red or blue are good options for painting the entrance doors of the house, but if you prefer you can opt for this beautiful color for this purpose. If you live in a building and all the doors of your neighbors are the same color, you should ask the president of the community and all the neighbors to see if they can leave it, because if they all have the color of the brown door and you put it on in white, it could be too out of tune with the aesthetic harmony of the building.

Choose the white color well

Do you think that the white color is only one? Not at all. Although the color white is the absence of all colors, there are actually many shades and nuances nowadays so that you can choose the paint tone that you like the most for your home doors or for the entrance door of your home. home.

For example, you can choose cream white, soft white, off white, white egg, nuclear white, ivory white, gray white... There are many tonalities that exist and you will have to choose the one that best suits you!

Paint the doors blank

If you have wanted to have your doors blank to have a more elegant appearance in your home, then first, think about the color tone of white you prefer for the doors of your home or the front door of your home.

Then you will have to differentiate the types of doors. It is not the same to paint a smooth door with relief or with one that has glass. Neither is the same door that is unvarnished to another that is varnished or one that is prepared only to be painted. In this sense, you will have to inform yourself of the particularities of your doors to understand the difficulty you are in and so you will know how you have to paint and what kind of paint you need in any case.

If necessary, go to a professional painting to advise or even to have their services and can paint your doors correctly. Once you get the doors painted, you will understand how good they are in your home.