The mauve color in the decoration

The mauve color in the decoration

The mauve is a type of color that helps give the house an elegant and relaxing touch that you sure thank. The mauve is a tonality of the violet color that is perfectly in areas of the house as the bedrooms Obtaining a calm and pleasant atmosphere ideal for said stay of the house. If you like this type of tonality, do not lose detail of the best ideas to decorate your house with such wonderful color.

Characteristics of the mauve color

The mauve is a color that brings elegance to the whole house and helps create a relaxing and pleasant. Said tonality is ideal to create in the home a positive and cheerful environment making the different rooms are really cozy. That is why it is a color that looks quite good in the bedrooms but you can use it in other areas of the house such as the living room or bathroom. It is a tonality that combines perfectly with many colors, from white to neutral colors such as beige or light gray. The mauve is also perfect with the pink and will allow you to give a feminine touch quite interesting to the area of ​​the house you want. Like all tones of violet, the mauve will help you achieve spirituality and peace in the house as a whole, which is greatly appreciated.

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How to combine the mauve color

If you choose to use the mauve color you can combine it with white as both will help you achieve a very bright and different and wonderful atmosphere. Also combines very well with other colors like black or gray giving the place you prefer a very interesting touch of elegance. If you decide to combine it with the rose you can give the stay of the house that you want a really feminine look. As for the materials, it combines perfectly with the wood creating a wonderful and spectacular effect throughout the house.


The mauve is a perfect color to decorate the bathroom of your house. You can combine the white of the toilets with mauve tiles. You can also enter this key in typical bathroom accessories such as soap holders or towels. The mallow will allow you to enjoy a joyful stay and in which you can breathe a positive atmosphere. This tone will allow you to have a really relaxing bath in which to enjoy a wonderful shower.

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Another of the stays of the house in which you can use the mallow is in the kitchen. Although it is a fairly clear tonality can help to make the kitchen a bright, cheerful and where you can enjoy while preparing your favorite dishes. You can choose to combine the white with the mallow when decorating the different furniture of the kitchen and give a personal touch to the whole place.

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The place of the house in which you can best take advantage of the mallow is in the bedroom. With the mallow you will create a place where you can relax and rest after a long day of work. You can paint the walls of the place mauve and leave the furniture white. You can also leave the walls white and use the mauve in different bedroom complements like bed cushions or curtains.

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Perfect decoration

As with any type of color it is really important not to overdo it in decorating it and trying to get some balance in the whole of the home. Do not choose to decorate the whole room of the same color and choose the mauve to paint the walls, for the complements or for the furniture. If you want to use mauve to decorate the bedroom or living room you can combine it with neutral tones such as white, beige or light gray. Leave the walls white and use the mauve for the furniture of the room or to give a different touch to complements or textiles such as carpet or bed cushions. The truth is that there are many types of combinations since the mauve is a very simple color to mix.

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I hope you have taken a good note of all these tips and encourage you to use this wonderful color to give a different touch to the decoration of your house. As I mentioned before, it is a tonality that Is ideal for a relaxing and quiet environment in the area of ​​the house that you prefer. Now that it is summer, it is an ideal color to put in the bedroom either yours or the children as it allows to create a pleasant space that invites you to rest.

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