The Knolling or the art of order in photography

office knolling

If you are a maniac of the order, surely more than once you have been attracted by photographs in which everything seems to be ordered with a pattern or in a symmetrical way. Well, we are sure that in that case you will love knowing the Knolling technique, a new way of photographing objects that we can see in a lot of Instagram accounts.

He Knolling is inspired by the still lifes that are made more and more frequently in social networks, but in this technique what matters is order, symmetry and patterns when organizing things. No doubt it is a hobby for those who love to order things to infinity.

What is knolling

Knolling for photographs

In principle the Knolling is defined as the art of photographing objects that have been disassembled and organized , either by colors or sizes. However, with social networks, in knolling we find a little bit of everything today. Not just a set of pieces, as it could come from a disassembled piece of furniture in which all the components are ordered, but also in still lifes that are made with objects that have something in common, be it functionality or simply coloring. In short, it is about making images with a zenith viewpoint in which everything seems to be organized to the millimeter.

Origin of the Knolling

Sort objects in photos

Although this concept may seem new or perhaps an invention of social networks, the truth is that it was coined already in the year 1989 . Its creator was Frank Ghery, who was an architect who also designed products. He had a lot of tools and parts, so he and his concierge Andrew Komelow decided to invent a system to have everything fully organized, based on the use, shapes and size of objects. This form of ordering was called knolling and today has become totally popular due to the love of photography on social networks, and especially because of the fans of order, who have found another way of organizing that is totally artistic.

Why we like knolling

Sort objects by colors

Even if you are not addicted to order, the truth is that photographs that are inspired by the knolling are hypnotic for anyone. For centuries beauty has been related to proportion, and this to order, so that we always find a hypnotic beauty in everything that is symmetrical or that is fully organized, even if it is done by size or by color. That's why knolling likes a lot of people and we see more and more people who use it to get likes on the networks with their photographs.

Dare with the knolling

Gastronomic knolling

If you are fond of social networks and you like photography, you will not think twice about it when it comes to start interpreting your own knolling . From mixing things with the same colors or shades to order a piece of furniture that you have disassembled by pieces. You can also order your desk or even your shoes. The ideas are very varied and we can certainly make beautiful photographs that become pieces to decorate. The secret is to know how to arrange things in the most orderly way possible, at right angles or by colors, shapes and sizes. In principle, organize everything separately and then begin to order on a surface that will serve as a background. Do not forget that these photographs are always taken from above, with a zenith angle, so that you see the order to perfection.

Photo inspiration

Knolling technique

If something we find today in social networks like Instagram, which is on the rise, is an unconditional love for photography. So it's there and on Pinterest where we can find a lot of inspiration for learn more about knolling and all its details . There are those who have dedicated many photographs to this great technique that anyone can do. In fact, it is very common to see it in clothing stores that organize garments symmetrically or by colors to give it a more interesting touch. Of course there is inspiration of all kinds, from knolling made with flowers to pieces of a bicycle, with cameras, stones, clothing or glass boats. The truth is that any object is likely to be used to make a knolling, but they always have to have something in common so that it is a set that offers harmony and a certain sense, be it by theme, color or pieces. We suggest you look up the #knolling hashtag in social networks to surprise you with everything that is available with this technique that is still unknown to many people.