The gray in the home decoration

The gray in the home decoration

Gray is the new neutral? So it seems to be and is that the gray color has much to bring to your home if you know how to use it well. When it comes to decorating there are rules that you can follow to improve the results. There are people who spend a fortune on trends so that afterwards, After a few years these tendencies pass and remains a decoration too obsolete.

But this does not have to be so, ideally when you decorate your home you guide yourself if you want with fashions and trends, but ultimately, the decorations you follow are things you like and feel good about. Even if you do not follow the trends, the colors, fabrics and accessories you see in the furniture stores reflect what's new, what you may like and what is probably very different now from what was worn a couple of years ago .

There are neutral colors that are very famous like beige or white, Colors that everyone uses because it is known that they will not fail in decoration. In addition, they are colors that help the rooms look wider, have more light and you, you feel better when you are inside. Also, when these colors are protagonists, they fit perfectly with other colors more alive, bright or with more energy.

Gray bedroom

Neutrals have changed

The definition of neutral color has changed. The darker colors do not look as depressing or thought to make a room no longer beautiful or cozy. Before the housing crisis, construction trends favored large houses with large rooms that did not need to rely on clever color strategies to make them appear larger. Nowadays, it is not uncommon to see houses with rooms with brown walls, bright red or other colors. The same goes for other new neutrals such as shades of gray... And it does not have to be rooms too wide to fit.

Gray is a bold color and does not saturate like other darker colors, can create a very positive effect in any bedroom, any size. The gray can be used in the bedrooms for a very attractive decoration without saturating. The gray looks great with colors like white and black, but also like the pink or yellow color that will make it have a nice accent of color and also be elegant.

Gray kitchen

The gray tones

The colder gray tones can make a room feel warm and cozy on a hot day, and grays with silver accessories are greatly underestimated. You can even use gray effectively with shades of gold, brown or wood.

Gray is also a great neutralizer for space. Used on a far wall, you can make a long room look more in proportion without drawing too much attention to the visual trick you're using.

You can minimize the impact of a ceiling too high or provide a wall an accent place to enhance, for example, an art gallery. In addition, gray can also be used for furniture and thus create a modern place with only the cost of a paint can. Further, Gray can also be combined with colors such as pink, turquoise green, peach orange, lavender or similar.

In addition, gray does not have to be a boring or monotonous option. Gray is a wonderful choice for the decoration of any home, you just have to guess what to paint this color and especially, choose the colors most suitable for your combination (some colors that will fit with you and your personality). Gray is the new beige and is certainly a most welcoming option for any home.

Gray lounge

According to your tastes

If gray is a color that you do not like too much but you think it has possibilities in your home, then do not hesitate to try to use this color in your decoration. You can combine it with other colors that you like and that fit your personality and when you see the combination not only you love but also that brings you good emotions. For example, if you combine the light gray with the pink you will have a relaxed and calm atmosphere. If on the contrary you want an environment with more energy you can combine light gray with orange or yellow.

It will depend on your tastes and interests that you choose this color for a stay of your home or another. It is also important that you take into account the effect that gray has on emotions, since well combined can bring you peace of mind (ideal for bedrooms) or energy and comfort (ideal for living rooms or living rooms).

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