The comfort of floor cushions

colored floor cushion

You may know that in oriental culture sitting on the floor inside homes is the most common. In the western one we have sofas, stools, chairs, etc. But it seems that sitting on the floor is not a good idea. How many parents and how many mothers scold their children when they see them sitting on the floor? But in reality, with the right cushions can be a very good idea, and in addition to the most comfortable!

As if that were not enough, besides being comfortable, they can help you bring color and elegance to your home, as long as the cushions are well placed and used for their purpose. If you leave the cushions on the floor in any way without using them, then it will seem that your stay is too messy.

For any stay

The floor cushions can be in any room, although they are generally used for living rooms, bedrooms, corners of rest or for the outdoors in the home (such as balconies, terraces, gardens, etc).

For example in the bedroom, you can have a corner for your rest, to meditate, to simply breathe or read. In the living room you can use them to eat at a small table that you have in the living room, to meditate, to watch TV, for the guests, etc. In the outdoor areas of your home, they can also be used for moments of relaxation and leisure.

Floor cushion

Children love to use floor cushions, because they love to connect with the earth, with nature and being in the game means fun and leisure, so... if you have floor cushions at home and you have children, they will use it for sure! It is a way for them to sit on the floor without needing to cool down.

For large and small

Reading the previous point you will have noticed that the floor cushions serve both adults and children, as long as they have the ability to sit correctly without having a backrest. But an adult cushion or a child cushion have different sizes and prices.

In this sense, it is necessary to first think who will use these cushions at home before buying them and once you have it clear, then choose the design, size and model that best suits your interests and personal tastes. As well as to match the decoration of your home and the room where the floor cushions will be used.

two floor cushions

Uses and styles of floor cushions

The use of floor cushions will depend on how you want to use it or what lifestyle you have. Before buying a floor cushion it is important that you think about what you want to use it for and depending on its purpose, you can think of one style or another.

Maybe you're thinking that a pouf is a floor cushion, but actually a floor cushion is that: a cushion. They have different shapes, since there are squares more or less thick and of different colors. They usually have a fairly resistant fabric since they are used in the ground and therefore, They will have to endure the frictions that may be on the floor in their use.

You will have to choose the cushion also according to your weight and height, so that when you use it you feel comfortable all the time. Ideally, if you buy in a physical store you try it and if you buy it online, you should read the comments of the people who bought the model that interests you.

white floor cushion

Where to find and at what price

Floor cushions are becoming increasingly popular thanks to their function and comfort. In addition, people also use it to take them to the countryside or the beach for a walk and then to sit quietly. In this sense, they can give you more uses than they can give at home.

You can find it in any decoration store, but in a furniture store you may have to order them on request. If you go to a store and do not have it, ask for availability. In big surfaces of home like in Ikea or Leroy Merlin you can find them without problems.

But if you do not want to go to a physical store to buy it and you like to buy from the comfort of your home, you have Amazon to buy them at fairly cheap prices, since for about 15 euros you will have one. Before buying it, compare prices in different places since the same cushion in one place can cost you 15 euros and in another 30. Therefore, before buying, always compare with different companies until you find the one that best suits your style and also to your budget.

Once you have your floor cushions, you can not live without them! You will not know how you have been so long without being able to use them!