The cat loja preto

The cat loja preto

Have you ever entered La loja do gato preto?

It is a great store if you want to decorate your home and you can find great ideas not only decorative, but also to add to your home taking into account your personality and your tastes.

You can find products of all kinds and each one better! All their products have good finishes and have a lot of personality, so if you choose to decorate with products from this store, you will not regret it at all.

The evolution of La loja do gato Preto

This store was founded for the first time in Lisbon, it has Portuguese origin. Its founders were Marina Reis Ramos and Mário Tendeiro in 1986. The brand is dedicated to the marketing of decorative items under the slogan"free houses, happy owners". Over time and thanks to its products and the good acceptance of its customers, began to expand expanding the offer to day-to-day solutions in any home.

These solutions are aimed at elements to decorate and eat at the table, kitchen pieces, bathroom pieces, etc. In 1999 and due to its good reception by the public, the brand began to create products of its own design. He has an unconventional way of life where they show a maxim: 'the cat is never still'. In this sense, he is committed to the mixture of styles and trends in order to reach the entire public. In this sense every week they have new products to create original homes. They also have limited editions and about thirty complete collections. No doubt seek to find complicity with their audience, and of course they get it.

The loja do gato preto 1

In 2001 the first store was presented in Spain and it was a success, and just 4 years ago, in 2014, people who do not have a store of La Loja de gato Preto near their homes but who like the style, have the possibility of buying their products in their online store, what else can you ask for? You have all your products with just one click! No doubt you have high quality products, which are highly creative and original and you will definitely love it!

Your products, what does La loja do gato preto sell?

Whether you enter your online store or have the opportunity to access any store in person (which is undoubtedly tempting because if you enter you will always leave with a product for your home...), you can find a wide variety of items, such as :

  • Decor: decorative accessories (decorative objects, lanterns, candles and air fresheners, candlesticks and candle holders, frames, mirrors, pictures and plates, watches, handles, artificial plants and flowers, doormats), lighting (table lamps, ceiling lamps, floor lamps) ), organization (shelves, aramrios, boxes, baskets, racks, hangers, hooks, trolleys, laundry baskets) and personal accessories.
  • Textiles: household linen (bedspreads and blankets, cushions, cushion covers, rugs, curtains and accessories, bedding, comforters, pillows, bedding, cushion fillings) and brand collections.

The loja do gato preto 2

  • Table and kitchen: accessories for the decoration of the table (tablecloths, napkins, glasses, jars, cutlery, trays, table accessories), tableware, cups, teapots, kitchen textiles, kitchen utilities such as accessories, utensils, knives, cutting boards, etc. , organization for the kitchen of all kinds.
  • Bathroom and furniture. You can also find accessories for the bathroom and its organization, as well as very sophisticated furniture to decorate your home with unique designs and some even unconventional.


In addition, if you enter the web you can find promotions that are ideal to save money or to find great products for your home with exclusive offers. These offers can be found both online and if you go to physical stores.

Now that you have discovered a little more about this store and if you are thinking about decorating your home or redecorating it, what are you waiting for to discover everything it has for you? Maybe if you discover this store you will not want to look for anything else because it captivates everything you have in your home store. But like everything else, to know if you really like it or not, you will have to go and watch it live or see the images of its products through its website.

The cat loja preto 3

You can decorate your home adding great personality and above all, having cats as protagonists. In this sense, if you are a person who likes cats or even if you do not have them as a pet, you like the figure of this beautiful animal, then this store will also be a strong point for you. It has many designs where the cat is the protagonist, giving beauty to your figure and to the accessories that you can choose to decorate your kitchen, your table or your bathroom.

Do you already know which of your products do you like the most? Tell us your opinion about this store!