The black color in the kitchen


It is always good to decorate the house from time to time to get Renovate the whole environment And achieve a new touch in it. The kitchen Is one of the most frequented and used rooms of the house It's important to decorate it In a way that makes us feel comfortable.

Most people opt for Light and neutral colors Like white or gray although if you prefer a more risky color for the kitchen but with A really stylish style, I recommend the black color.

Black color Is a color very little used in kitchens because of the risky result and How complicated Which is at the time of decorating that stay. Used in excess can cause the kitchen to look Too dark and small Creating a really unpleasant feeling of burden. That is why this type of color is perfect for kitchens that are Fairly large And in which a predominance of Good natural lighting.


What you should avoid at all costs since it would be a big mistake, is to use The black color To decorate the kitchen in its entirety since you would get an atmosphere too Oppressive and claustrophobic In the whole kitchen.

Black and white

The best thing to get the most out of this color, is to combine it with other lighter tones Such as white or gray . Choose to use it in areas of the kitchen such as the ceiling, floor or The countertop.


As for the Kitchen style , If you decide to choose the black color to decorate it, it is best to choose a style As the minimalist . Try to have little furniture in the room and be both functional enough. In any case, one of the advantages Which has the black color that combines perfectly with other types of Decorative styles.

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