The best kitchen robots on the market

The best kitchen robots on the market

The high standard of living in today's society makes it increasingly difficult to have free time to do different household tasks such as cooking. That is why in recent years have become very fashionable the famous kitchen robots. These are wonderful appliances that make everything from chopping to kneading or stewing. The final result of the dishes made with these robots is delicious and they are very practical and effective so the person has more time to do other things.

Then I'm talking about the best kitchen robots in the market so you can choose the one that you like the most.


  • 1 Moulinex Cuisine Companion
  • 2 Taurus MyCook Touch
  • 3 Proficook MKM 1074
  • 4 Thermomix TM5

Moulinex Cuisine Companion

It is a kitchen robot that draws attention to its design and to have the largest container of the market with 4 and a half liters. Another great success of this model is that it has a transparent lid that helps you to follow at all times the process of making your dishes. The basket is made of stainless steel and is very easy to clean. As for the negative points of this kitchen robot it should be noted that it has a screen too small and does not have an external accessory with which to cook steamed food. The price of this robot Moulinex Cuisine Companion is about 700 euros so the relationship between quality and price is very good.

The best kitchen robots on the market 1

Taurus MyCook Touch

It is a rather complete kitchen robot that recommends and endorses the chef Alberto Chicote. The best thing about this robot is that it is the only one in the market that can cook through the induction system and also has a seven-inch touch screen in which to see clearly how to make different recipes. This model has an integrated Wi-Fi connection that allows you to connect to a database with a multitude of dishes and recipes of all kinds. As for the disadvantages it is a kitchen robot that can be a little complicated when you can clean it and with a somewhat limited capacity of two liters. The Taurus MyCook Touch is on the market at a price of 1000 euros.

The best kitchen robots on the market 2

Proficook MKM 1074

With this kitchen robot you can do everything from mixing, steaming to kneading or chopping. With this model you can make all types of pasta or vegetable dishes, quickly and efficiently make numerous sauces and purees and knead and mix the dough you want to make your favorite desserts. It has a glass of a capacity of two and a half liters and has all kinds of accessories to cook with steam and a recipe book of all kinds. The best thing about this type of kitchen robot is its price since you can buy it for only 400 euros and have nothing to envy to the famous Thermomix or other more expensive kitchen robots on the market. If you want to enjoy a good kitchen robot at a spectacular price do not hesitate to get yourself with this splendid kitchen robot Proficook MKM 1074.

The best kitchen robots on the market 3

Thermomix TM5

The Thermomix is ​​undoubtedly the queen of all kitchen robots on the market. The TM5 is the latest model of this wonderful robot that has the main disadvantage of its high price. If you want this kitchen robot you will have to pay 1,200 euros, however the rest are all advantages and is that it is a very complete device that has a touch screen quite attractive, power to spare and very easy and simple to handle. Another point against which Thermomix may have is that it has a good number of recipes but can not be shared or downloaded unlike what happens with Mycook.

The best kitchen robots on the market 4

Today there is a great variety of models in the market so you can choose the kitchen robot that you prefer and best suits your real needs. It is true that to enjoy a kitchen robot you have to invest a good amount of money but nevertheless something is really worth it, since if you are a person who does not have a lot of free time in the day to day when cooking with the kitchen robot you will be able to elaborate endless of dishes of a fast and effective way. Undoubtedly it is an important investment in the medium and long term of which you surely do not regret and with which you can enjoy hundreds of dishes of all kinds.

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