The best cleaning tips for your home

The best cleaning tips for your home

Having clean the whole home is something that is not easy to get because it requires a lot of time and dedication. In case you want to boast of a totally clean house you should consider a series of cleaning tips that are totally natural and easy to do. Pay close attention and do not lose detail of the best cleaning tricks and enjoy a shiny thing and no dirt.

Clean crystals

It is quite normal that marks remain on the crystals despite cleaning them with a clean and soft cloth. This is something that annoys many people and as of now has an easy solution. If you have stockings at home that you do not use, do not hesitate to clean the crystals with this garment as it will help you to leave the crystals of the house totally clean and without marks. The stocking must be fine and to pass through the surface leave the glass without marks and perfectly shiny.

The Best Cleaning Tricks For Your Home 1

Kitchen counter

If you want to polish the top of your kitchen and have it in perfect condition you just have to take a small bowl and add water along with some Vaseline and vinegar. Once you have cleaned the countertop of possible dirt , You must pass a wet paper in the solution prepared by the whole surface of the worktop. You will see how it is totally shiny and without any dirt.

The Best Cleaning Tricks For Your Home 2

Wooden floor

The wooden parquet is a lining for the perfect house to get an elegant and personal touch in it. The problem with wood is that it gets dirty very easily and requires a lot of care. A very effective cleaning trick to have the wood floor in perfect condition is to mix water with lemon and some softener. Use a mop and clean the entire surface with this remedy to ensure that the wood floor is perfectly shiny.

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Remove dust from the TV

Thanks to the following cleaning trick you can have the TV of your house without any dust. You'll need some lemon juice next to a damp cloth. Pass the cloth soaked in lemon by the surface of the television and the dust and dirt will disappear for a while. Lemon is a natural product that will help you finish with the static electricity that accumulates on the TV screen.

Remove bad odor from the microwave

It is quite normal that with the use of the microwave, the same concentrate in its interior bad odors. If you want your microwave to smell again, you must prepare a preparation based on lemon and cinnamon. Put that home remedy inside the microwave And you will see how in a few hours the bad odors disappear.

Microwave cleaning

Clean the tiles

The bathroom and kitchen tiles are soiled almost daily by those who need to be cleaned to keep them shiny and shiny. If you want to clean them in an effective way you must elaborate a remedy based on milk and water. Grab a cloth and soak in the home mix. Clean the surface of the tiles and you will see how they are totally clean and without any dirt.

The best cleaning tips for your home

Remove lime

It is very normal that lime accumulates over the years in the sink or bath. To finish with it and finish with that lime, you only have to cut a lemon and pass the same for the areas of the bathroom that you want. Let it act for a few minutes and to finish you should take some kitchen paper and clean any leftover lemon.

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Clean the leather

Leather is a material that helps to give elegance to all the decoration of the house but that requires a series of care to avoid that it can be damaged over time. To avoid this you can make a home conditioner that helps you keep the leather in perfect condition. To do this you should mix warm water with a few drops of lemon juice and glycerin soap. Apply and leave on for a few minutes. You will see how with this wonderful homemade remedy, you leave the leather without any dirt and glittering.

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I hope you have taken very good note of these cleaning tricks so easy and simple and you can have your whole house totally clean and without any dirt. It is very important to have the house clean to make a good impression to the guests who can go to it and make your visit a pleasant time in which they can feel at home . When it comes to cleaning it is strongly recommended to eliminate the use of chemicals And opt for natural products as they help protect the environment as well as being quite effective and much more economical.

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