The auxiliary table in the home

Side table for home

Use a side table in the home It's a great idea and you can actually find tables for almost every room. These small tables take up little space but allow us to have things nearby without making the furniture too bulky. They also move easily and can be used in corners or resting areas.

The Auxiliary tables can be used in different areas , but a table for the bathroom will not be the same as one for the living room or the bedroom. In addition to taking this into account, we must know that there are many materials and styles to choose between these small auxiliary tables.

The advantages of auxiliary tables

An auxiliary table works precisely like a piece of furniture that takes us out of a hurry, which helps us to have things at a certain moment. That is why they are secondary furniture but at the same time they can be very useful to decorate the rooms. In fact, many auxiliary tables from firms such as Ikea have become a trend due to their functionality and beautiful design.

Side table for the living room

Side table in the living room

One of the places where we will first put a side table will be in the living room. This area always needs small tables that serve us to have close books, the control of television or anything that is useful in this rest area. These tables are usually simple, proof of this is the success of the famous Ikea Lack table, with its basic lines, its low price and its white tone. These tables always they are chosen in the lounge style , with wooden tables for rustic halls, metal tables in the most modern halls or in the industrial style and light wood for the Nordic halls. It is better to choose a resistant material because they tend to be tables that are given a lot of use, so it is preferable to avoid the glass.

Bedroom side table

Side table in the bedroom

In the bedroom we usually add bedside tables, which are also auxiliary tables. Nowadays it is also tendency to add tables of basic shapes instead of the usual bedside tables, with drawers. They are quite functional and give everything a more casual and light. These are perfect to have next to the bed and put the typical, the alarm clock, a book and some detail, because it does not take much more.

Side table in the bathroom

Side table for the bathroom

The bathroom can be a good place to add a great side table. These tables usually have other characteristics, since what is sought is to have towels and hygiene tools at hand, so they usually have several departments. The wooden tables are very common And they are also trend, since they offer a natural and spa touch to our bathroom. These tables, if they are strong enough can sometimes serve as stools, but not always. They are perfect for leaving everything you need on a daily basis, such as towels, a hair dryer or products. In them you can also add wicker baskets to store the smallest things and everything is beautiful and decorative.

Nordic style side table

Lounges with side table

The Nordic style is one of the most seen lately and is perfect for everyone. The simplicity of spaces conquers almost everyone. That's why we also want to show some auxiliary tables that are typical in this style. The Nordic tables have basic shapes . Wood is often used in light colors and also the color white, sometimes mixing both. We can also see in many of the tables those inclined legs that are so worn. This particular model is one of the best sellers, which also only has three legs and can be round or oval.

Nest tables

Nest tables

The Nest tables are a great idea and they are very sought after among the auxiliary tables. These tables are several equal pieces but in different sizes, so that some enter under the others to occupy much less. Thus we will have up to three tables and only occupy the space of one if we do not want to use them all. Among the auxiliary tables we find the most functional and you can also make beautiful compositions with two or three tables, being really decorative. They also have the advantage that if we need an auxiliary table for another room we will have some spare ones.

Metal design tables

Metal side table

We finished with some design tables that can be included in a modern, vintage, Nordic or industrial environment. They are made of metal and look very light. Although they do not offer a lot of surface or functionality, we show them to you so that you can see that a nice design on a side table is sometimes more important.