The agendas of Mr. Wonderful, decorate and organize!

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For many people, the year only begins when you start writing in the agenda, in this case, in Mr. Wonderful agendas. Thanks to their design, the good roll they transmit and all the accessories they bring, the Mr. Wonderful agendas have become the best-selling agendas par excellence. Nobody lacks this type of agenda to organize their work, their studies or their day to day!

In reality, these agendas are much more than an agenda. There are annual agendas and also per school year, and choosing the one that best suits you depends if you prefer that they be cut in the summer or if you want them annually to better organize your work.

Organize and decorate with 'buen rollito'

The best of the Mr. Wonderful agendas is that besides having everything organized you can use it to decorate the desk of your studio or your office. It is not necessary that you keep it in a drawer, because if you leave it on top in a corner you will notice that thanks to its design you will also be decorating your area of study or work.

Thanks to its good design you can put some plants on your desk, an accessory that follows the style of Mr. Wonderful and so, without overloading, you can have a space for study or work of the most sophisticated, and also transmit good roll!

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Types of agendas Mr. Wonderful 2018-2019

Yes, Mr. Wonderful's new agendas have already come out for the next year. The models are ready for you to choose the one you like the best and that way, you can start writing on them. Who does not like to release an agenda? It is undoubtedly a pleasure that enchants anyone who enjoys beautiful stationery.

Rotu Agendas

Not every day is the same, sometimes you will have happier days and sometimes something more gray. There are mornings that get up early, others that it is better that you disconnect the mobile to do things well... the broken agendas are agendas with a lot of roll, illustrations and phrases of the most fun. Because it is an agenda that adapts to you 365 days a year.

Classic agendas

The classic agendas are already the top of the agendas for anyone who likes this type of stationery. It has motivating phrases, very cool drawings, they have many reasons for you to love and enjoy it every day of the year. You will want the nicest and most colored pens to write on your agenda!

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Agenda with rings

The agendas with rings are also a new bet of the company so that you have a well-ringed agenda and can take out and put the sheets according to your needs and your tastes. They have a very elegant and minimalist design that will help you plan your weeks successfully and see what you have to do at a glance. You will have all your plans well targeted and organized.

Many accessories to personalize them

The best of the Mr. Wonderful agendas is that you have a lot of accessories so you can personalize them according to your preferences. Because the Mr. Wonderful agendas allow you to decorate your agenda the way you like it and make you feel better.

These agendas will help you to have better energy every day, that day-to-day things will excite you and make you feel good. You can enjoy life with a smile when you realize that life is better when you are grateful. This is why all the agendas are loaded with stickers in full color, ready to plan and organize your life better, wonderful tips, games, recipes, calendars... you will not miss anything at any time! If you like surprises and pretty stationery what is more than clear is that these agendas are made for you.

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And when the year ends... more!

Right now the agendas that Mr.Wonderful has available are the school agendas, so when you start the course in September you can start in the best way... by opening the agenda! If you are one of those who prefer to have an annual agenda, then you do not have to suffer too much because at the end of the year the annual agenda models will come out and you can choose the one you like the most. Because choosing an annual or school agenda depends not only on whether you are studying or working, but on the comfort you feel if the cut of the agenda is at the end of the year or at the end of the summer.

From now on, you will only have to enter the Mr. Wonderful store or go to any stationery to find the school agenda that you like or you are interested depending on what your tastes and interests are. What is clear is that from September you will be looking forward to the summer and start the school year... just to start enjoying your agenda Mr. Wonderful !