Templates for painting, how to use them and ideas for decorating

Templates for painting, how to use them and ideas for decorating

The Templates to paint Serve us for many uses. What we first think of is to use them to make patterns on the walls, but there are many more interesting ideas for them. From painting wooden furniture to decorating almost anything on which you can use the painting, whether baskets, blinds, fabrics or boxes of wood storage.

The templates can be purchased but can also be made to our liking, because in stores we may not find exactly that type of Template We need to decorate the home. So take note of how to use the templates, how to make them and also the ideas to decorate with these templates, because there are many.


  • 1 How to create DIY templates for painting
  • 2 How to use the templates
  • 3 Ideas to decorate with templates to paint

How to create DIY templates for painting

Painting templates

To create the templates to paint We have a lot of materials . From a bit of paper to paper, wood, metal and other materials. Of course the simplest thing is to do it in cardboard as we can all easily find it in stores. It is also rigid and wide enough so that the paint does not pass to the other side. This material also has the quality that we can work well with it because it is very malleable. We can also use eva gum, which has become very popular, so that these templates last longer if we reuse them. For single use we can use paper.

We must use a Cutter to cut with total precision, So that the drawing is perfect, even if it has small details. The cutter can leave well cut cardboard or eva gum. In the case of making templates with other materials may need tools, although of course these templates would be much more durable but more difficult to achieve.

How to use the templates

Painting templates 1

Using these templates is very simple. The important is Choose the exact site In which we are going to paint the pattern. The best we can do is stick it with body tape, if we have not used a paper sticker style, which makes things easier. It is important that the paint is not very liquid and above all use a small amount to drip it down and spoil the drawing.

With the Tape will grab the pattern well On the wall or on the surface to be painted. There are several ways to paint, as we can do it with a sponge, for a worn effect, or with spray, which is easier but you have to be careful when spraying to not paint on the outside. In the case of spray should be used rather large insoles. We can also do it with roller, in the most traditional style. It all depends on the surface that we have to paint. In metals the spray is the best option, and on the walls we can use the brush or the roller. The sponge is good for small crafts such as wooden boxes or wicker baskets. These materials need a touch of paint but this can be more beautiful and natural with a sponge.

Finally we will only have to Remove the paper or cardboard And let it dry. If we are going to use other colors, it is always better to make more of a template so that these do not mix in the paper. Anyway, these templates in paper or cardboard are to be used and pulled.

Ideas to decorate with templates to paint

The most used idea when using these templates is in Paint the walls in a different way , Without resorting to vinyl or wallpaper to give it a different touch with the motifs we like. In this way, in the long run we will not have to remove vinyl or paper, but to change the appearance of the wall we will only have to paint over again. It is a much simpler and practical idea in the long run, and that can certainly be much cheaper, because the templates can be drawn on paper or downloaded directly from the network.

Another idea to use these templates is to Decorate furniture . If that furniture you like so much has become obsolete, you can always renew it with a few stars or with a few moles. Making a template assures us that the drawing will be the same in all the motifs we put, something important for example in the case of moles, which look better if they are the same. We can paint both wood and metal furniture.

With these templates we can also To decorate small objects That we have at home and they seem boring or obsolete. If we want to put some polka dots to a basket of clothes that we find boring, we just have to paint it with the template and it will look like another. The storage boxes can also be renovated in this way to give them the fun touch.

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