Take advantage of space in small homes

Small homes

At present we find many flats and homes that have Little space for entire families , So it takes us to have to be creative when taking advantage of every corner. There are ways to make a house a good organization and not seem so overwhelming and small.

Discover some Tricks and ideas for small homes , In which each detail and each chosen furniture counts to create a space that is functional and not very full of things. It is important to know how the space is much wider and more open.

Open spaces

Spaces open in small homes

The lofts are Wide open spaces , In which the living room, the kitchen and the dining room are together, in a continuous space, which in this way seems broader and does not overwhelm so much if the home has few square meters. In addition, it makes floodlight flood everything.

Clear tones

Clear tones in small homes

This is one of the basics when it comes to seeing that we have larger spaces. If you use dark tones in the decoration, and especially in the walls, the space will seem to shrink, so it can be overwhelming. That's why you should use Light tones like beige , Putting touches of color if you want to give more life to the decoration.

Furniture with various functions

Storage in small homes

To buy Furniture that is functional And that serve for several things is the great solution. If we have a worktable, it also has shelves, or it can be hidden if we do not need it. There are also furniture that already carry the storage, like armchairs with drawers and details like that.

All well organized

To have Storage space Is something very important. A home with many chaotic and messy things seems less and less spacious. That's why you have to have extra storage areas, either under the stairs or under the bed, with solutions of modular furniture very practical nowadays are easily.

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