Successful colors for your bedroom

Bedroom color

If you want to decorate your bedroom you will have to think about the colors that are best to go since it is not the same decorating a bedroom as a living room, a kitchen, a living room or a bathroom. The reason is easy, and is that the bedroom has a very specific function: rest. If after having this clear you do not know what should be the colors that you have to take into account to be able to decorate your bedroom correctly, do not worry because today I want to give you some guidelines so that you have a small guide.

But in addition to taking into account the colors that I'm going to comment on to enhance your relaxation and rest, you should also keep in mind the colors within these varieties that will tell you what you like best, because you will also have to feel at ease within the Stay and for that you must choose those colors that best go with you and your personality.

Color bedroom1

exist Colors to discard Of entrance unless they are only as complementary colors and do not occupy more than 10% of the decoration (only to give some contrast) of your bedroom, these colors are: bright yellow, black, passion red, blue Electric, strong green, dark brown and any color that is too vivid or too dark.

The cold colors They will always be a wise choice as they will help you relax and be able to sleep more easily, transmitting you peace of mind. I mean blue, green or mauve in cool, soft tones. The pastel tones are also a good choice.

Warm colors They will also be a good choice as long as they are not strong or shiny. For example a light yellow can give you amplitude to the stay thanks to the lighting that will give the room. You can combine them with other lighter tones.

The What are the colors What do you like most for your bedroom?

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