Stylish Nordic kitchens for your home

He Nordic style has arrived at all stays of the home with its functional and bright spaces. We can see some Nordic kitchens with style for our home, with beautiful details and spaces that are also very practical. If you still do not know what the Scandinavian style consists of, take note of all the details.

Create one stylish nordic kitchen It implies to have clear what are the steps to achieve recreate this style in particular. Within the Scandinavian world we have some rules that can vary a bit, giving rise to different cuisines but with the same Nordic charm.


If there is something that characterizes the Nordic spaces, it is the great use they make of white color , which floods everything to offer large areas with lots of light. The Nordic kitchens have to be based on the great white color, because it is part of this style where simplicity and light command. White walls, floors or white furniture with touches of color if we want to have some shade that breaks with that white.

Soft tones

As we have said, white is usually the protagonist. However, there are always kitchens where other rules are played. In this case we have a kitchen with industrial touches in which they have also wanted to add some color. With some fun walls imitating bricks They provide warmth and furniture in grayish tones we have a different Nordic kitchen, with a lot of personality.

Touches of wood

The wood is usually added in the Nordic spaces to break a little with that snowy white that makes it a bit cold. With shades like black, white or gray always something warm is needed. That is why wood is usually used in a clear tone, which also goes with the natural and simple aesthetics of the Nordic world . If we are not sure where these touches of wood can go, we can always be inspired, with floors or tables in Scandinavian style with beautiful light woods. We can also include it in kitchen countertops, as it is a very strong and durable material, or in the dining room chairs.

Nordic vintage

He Vintage style has always combined perfectly with the Nordic world, so we find kitchens in which there are many details of this type. In this kitchen we see the details in white, the wood on the island and the countertops, as well as on the floors and furniture. Everything is very Nordic but also really vintage, with the old iron kitchen, the rustic-looking table and all the small utensils, from the toaster to the coffee machine.

Details on the walls

Although the Nordic world is very simple, we do not have to do without the small decorative details They do everything a little more cozy. In the kitchen we can also decorate the walls. One of the elements that we see most in the Scandinavian style are the black and white sheets or designs with geometric shapes and illustrations. It is a good way to put a nice and special detail that adds something to the decoration. This sheet in particular is very basic and also very in line with the Scandinavian style, but there are colorful, vintage-style sheets with messages and adapted to all kinds of tastes.

Touches of colorful

In the Nordic spaces we can also add colorful touches to change the appearance of space. If we have a completely white kitchen, this can vary in appearance with some rugs and cushions in different colors. Something that is also usually included are natural plants, since they combine very well with the simple and natural aesthetic of the Nordic world. The best thing about this style is that if we want to change the tones according to the season we just have to limit ourselves to varying textiles, with colder tones in summer to bring coolness and warm tones like orange in summer.

Decorative details

The Nordic style for our kitchens we can also find beautiful details that make them much more special . Although it is a very functional place, we have already seen that we can decorate the walls with beautiful plates, but we also have very original lamps, such as copper, hanging bulbs or metal bulbs. On the other hand, we can include decorative details such as the blankets of hair, completely Nordic, garlands or paper balls that bring a delicate and cozy touch to this work space. In this kitchen we have a small dining room that becomes much more cozy with the blankets of hair on the chairs, the natural plants on the window sill and that detail hanging on paper and pastel colors, other colors that should be used in the Scandinavian world to give a little joy to the spaces.