Storage furniture for living room

Storage for the living room with furniture

The living room is one of the places we spend the most time at home. Whether it is for reading, resting or meeting with the family, it is a place where we end up accumulating things, especially if there are children at home. That's why you have to have Good storage ideas for the living room , So that we have everything well ordered.

There are many great ideas for Organize the room , And not all have to be traditional. From very functional furniture to ideas made by hand to give an original touch to the space. Take note of all those things you can do to get a good organization in the room.

Storage with DIY boxes

Storage for the living room with boxes

Use wooden boxes That we have at home to make a shelf is a great idea. In addition, these houses can be painted in color to match the rest of the furniture. Another idea to decorate them is to add something in the background, either a wallpaper with a nice print, or paint them in another color to make the background stand out. It's a great idea to organize all the books.

Simple shelves

Storage for the living room with shelves

These shelves are the most Simple and basic To have a place to store everything we want to have on hand in the living room. From family photographs to books, records and more. They are basic, and therefore combine with all kinds of spaces, providing a great functionality without occupying too much, so they are also a good choice for small spaces.

Other Storage Ideas

Storage in the living room with original furniture

In stores there are all kinds of Solutions to store things . This furniture adapted to the space of the sofa is perfect for hour space, and offers a lot of storage, both at the top and at the bottom. If you want to have an original touch in the living room, you can add one of those old trunks of travel, with a vintage touch.

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