Standing, practical and decorative hangers

Coat hangers

The coat racks Play a large role in our homes. Usual in the hall and bedroom, we use them to hang warm clothes, handbags and other accessories such as hats. They are practical, but also decorative. Among the many possibilities offered by the market, modern foot stands stand out especially.

Given the Great variety of designs, We can cover any existing needs in our home using stand racks. We can find them manufactured in different materials, with variable capacity and numerous colors to choose. What do we want the coat rack for? Where are we going to put it? How much space do we have? Ask yourself these questions will help us choose the right foot rack.

It is necessary Ask yourself some questions If one wishes to get right with the purchase. What needs do we want the coat rack to cover? We may want a coat rack to put the clothes we will wear the next day or to pick up the coats from our guests in the lobby. We may want to hang only jackets and coats or use it also to leave shoes, bags and other accessories. Having clear needs, expedite the search: we will know how many garments we want to hang and we will have decided if we also need other accessories: shelves, mirrors....

Coat rack

Coaters:"Taiga"by Mobles 114,"Mulig"by Ikea and"Crown coat stand"by Desalto

Contemporary coat stands

The Traditional floor coatings Have renewed their design. They now have a contemporary silhouette, made with both natural and synthetic materials in a wide range of colors. Today the stand stands are more sculptural than a few years ago, but more practical? At the time of decantarte by one or the other, you do not check:

  • Stability.
  • The height of the hooks.
  • How easy or difficult it is to hang the garments on him.


The simplest designs, consisting of a base and a main foot from which different hooks come, allow us to hang garments, bags and hats. They occupy little space, An advantage when one wishes to have one in relatively small spaces.

Coat stands 1

Coat racks: 9 ™ Coat Tree ™ by Fritz Hansen, Armasoreum by Imasoto and Tjusig by Ikea

The complements

Standing stands now comprise a multitude of accessories. It is easy to find stand racks With integrated umbrella stand ; A particularly interesting proposal to decorate the hall. We have also found racks with integrated benches on which to put on / off before going out or entering the house.

Standing coat rack with seat or umbrella stand

Graff Coat Dressers and Match Box Clothes Hangers by miniforms

What if we could customize the coat rack? There are signatures that have already thought about it and offer us Shelves and lamps Which we can adapt to the base design. A feature that allows us, based on the same coat rack, to adapt it to different needs in our home or workplace.

Trends in Standing Coat Racks

As a decorative element, stand racks are subject to different trends. Nowadays, the protagonism of the percheros of Design with sculptural forms , Made of sheet of steel carved to laser and worked manually. Coat racks where you probably and in the first instance ask yourself where to hang your coat.

Coat Racks Trends

Discipline"Wdrobe"Coat Stand,"Rombo Clothes Hangers"by miniforms and"Standgarderobe Straight 1K"by PHOS Design

In addition to the above, stand stands made of metal rods and minimalist style; Coat hanger in wood or chromed steel with very simple designs that support one or two garments. The latter are common in offices, where they are used to hang the jacket or gabardine in a stretched way.

Coat rack type donkey

The donkies" , Habitual in fashion shops and in backstage of different shows, have become a very popular piece also to decorate our homes. They are more voluminous coat racks than the previous ones, but they allow to hang a greater number of garments. Unlike the previous ones, the garments do not hang directly on the strcuture, but on hangers.

Coat rack type donkey

Coaters:"Platel"by Punt Mobles,"Mixrack Clothes L"by Showroom Finland Oy and"Toj Large"by Normann Copenhagen

It is common for donkey racks to have a Shelf at the base, With the purpose of being able to organize in her bags and shoes. A feature that increases their functionality and makes them a very appropriate proposal to decorate the bedroom, the dressing room or the hall. There are also incorporate shelves and small drawers.

Standing coat rack with shelves and drawers

Coat Racks:"Teak"by Quodes,"Clothingrack 3 wood"by Noodles Noodles & Noodles Corp. and USM Haller E by USM

Coat rack with mirror

Mirror coat rack or mirrors with coat rack? At Decoora we believe that referring to them as mirrors with coat rack would be more appropriate. The mirror is, after all, the protagonist of these very practical furniture for the hall or the dressing room. The coat rack is hidden behind the mirror which helps Keep the feeling of order.

Coat rack with mirror

Coaters: Schönbuch's"CLUB Mirror", Another Country's"Valet Stand - Ash / Gray"and D-TEC's"Top TSR 33"

As you can see there is a wide variety of coat racks on the market, which allows us to find one that fits our needs Practical as well as economic . We can choose between traditional stand-up coat stands or donkey type coat racks. Even select the extras or add-ons to integrate into the design.

In Decoora we wanted to show you some Coat stands , But you will find similar models in the catalog of trademarks. Do you like them?, which ones call your attention more?

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