Small dryers: do not depend on time

Small dryers

How many dirty clothes does your family generate each week? I do not want a figure, just think about it. You probably have to put the washing machine at least two days a week, am I wrong? And how many times during the winter have the accumulations accumulated bad weather blame ?

During the winter, there are places where clothes that dry out and moisten on the clothesline and dry a garment from one day to the next become a challenge. Have you thought about buying a dryer? Never again depend on the time to dry clothes and you will benefit in addition to many other advantages offered by this appliance. And no, not filling it is not an excuse; today there are small dryers for small families.

Have you ever considered buying a dryer? Nowadays the dryers are not what they used to be, nor are they expensive or consume much. Two compelling reasons to give this appliance an opportunity to dry other clothes interesting functions that you probably do not know.


Why buy a dryer?

There are many reasons why it is interesting to have a dryer at home. Not having to be aware of the weather and know that you can use your favorite garment again when you want to use it are undoubtedly the most important reasons. But there are other tasks in which the dryers also help us.

  • You will not depend on time . How many times have you delayed your laundry because of bad weather? Today in areas with cold and / or humid climates it seems more than justified to have a household appliance that returns dry clothes in just over an hour. In summer we also avoid that many garments receive decolor or lose softness if exposed to UV rays of the sun.
  • Ironing will be easier . In addition to saving time in drying, the dryer facilitates ironing. Many dryers have anti-wrinkle programs that allow you to fold the clothes and store them immediately after removing them from the dryer, thus saving you the iron.

Clothes line

  • You can remove the smell of clothes without washing it. It is inevitable when the garments remain stored for a long time waiting for the new season to arrive that take on a closed odor. Or that they absorb the smell of tobacco when we have a smoker by our side. Today thanks to the dryer with sensoFresh technology it is possible to eliminate these odors without having to wash them thanks to the use of active oxygen, the latest revolution in the care of clothes! Even those more delicate or not washable will be ready to put back in just 30-40 minutes..
  • The towels will be soft . Over time, the towels lose their softness. Dryers, however, can help us to delay their aging. How? Allowing the towels to dry at relatively low temperatures and not under the sun where they tend to harden. Who does not like to wrap themselves in a fluffy, soft towel when they get out of the shower? D
  • The hairs of pets they will disappear from your clothes. If you share your house with a dog or a cat you will know how difficult it is to stay free of hair. Introducing clothes full of hairs in the dryer for 5 minutes at cold temperature can work miracles.

What type of dryer did I buy?

Some years ago, the evacuation dryers were replaced by condensation dryers. Recently, another change of trend in the dryer market moved these to a second plane. The appearance of hair dryers condensation with heat pump revolutionized the market, providing much more efficient machines.

Types of dryers

The dryers with heat pump they are the most efficient ; can be 4 times more efficient than condensation with electrical resistance. In addition, they obtain a good valuation in other characteristics no less interesting as they are variety of programs, noise that they do, etc. As a counterpart we can say that the price of these dryers is usually above the other two models, but its consumption is reduced by half.

Which ones are better? The best product for you will always be the one that best fits your needs and your budget . Look at its capacity, dimension, type of installation, programs and cost to make the best decision. Compare the characteristics of the models that best suit your needs and read different comments and ratings to make a final decision.

Small dryers

The capacity is one of the characteristics to take into account when buying a dryer. The capacity of the dryer , like that of the washing machine, is measured in kilos of clothes that you can enter each time. Ideally, you should choose a dryer that has more capacity than your washing machine, since wet clothes weigh more than dry clothes.

If you do not have the budget that a large capacity dryer requires or you're not going to give it a great use, however, small dryers can be a great alternative for you. A dryer with one capacity of up to 7 Kg. It can be considered a small dryer.

Small dryers

The Beko models DHS7412PA0, Balay 3SB975B and Miele TDB220WP ACTIVE have been very well evaluated by the Ocu among the models with 7 Kg. Of capacity and A ++ efficiency. Its price ranges between 312 and 799 € despite being all of them heat pump dryers. A big difference, right?

The smallest dryers of between 3 and 4 Kg are normally evacuation or condensation dryers with a Poor energy efficiency that does not reach category A, the minimum agreed by the Ocu in terms of efficiency. Dryers like the EVVO Mini S3 and Indesit IS41VEU are small, take up less space, are cheaper but consume more.

Remember that choosing a small dryer category A or higher is always the best way to lead to the goal of the saving on the electricity bill .