Sinks with style to decorate the kitchen

Sinks with style

Sinks play an important role in our kitchen. They are essential for its operation and have much to say in its general aesthetics. The wide range of available sinks makes it possible to Needs of each kitchen , Combining the right materials and functions.

The Stylish sinks We offer the necessary functions to do everything we want in the kitchen. They also have a careful aesthetic, regardless of their style, and can be traditional or ultramodern. Completing our kitchen with the right solution has never been easier than now.

Single, double or triple bowl, the perfect sink solution for us will be the one that meets all our needs. How much countertop space do you have? How often do you cook? What kind of food kitchens? Answering these and other questions will help you identify Features and functionalities That you should look for in a new sink.

Materials for sinks

In the market there is a wide selection of stylish sinks, built from different materials. Each of them, provides to the sink Technical and aesthetic characteristics Different. Features that will help us to be closer to achieving the cooking style we have in mind. Stainless steel is the most popular material - several studies indicate that more than 70% of the sinks are of this material - however, there are other or more interesting options to contemplate:

  • Stainless steel : It is a classic material with a timeless aesthetic that looks good in almost all kitchens. Withstands high temperatures, is resistant to corrosion, hygienic and easy to clean. Simply wipe the surface with a cloth with soap and rinse the surface well to see it glow. Stainless steel sinks also offer excellent value for money.

Sinks with style 1

  • Quartz or granite : Sinks made of quartz or granite are very elegant and give a natural look to the kitchen. They are resistant sinks that support heat well, and to which certain resins provide a very attractive shine and texture. They also allow us to play with different colors, from white to Onyx.
  • Ceramics . Ceramic sinks have a very hard surface, resistant to both heat and scratches. In addition the ceramic is a natural material and as such brings elegance and warmth to the kitchen. Nowadays, the finishes applied to these sinks also allow cleaning to be very simple, making it possible to remove difficult stains such as tea or red wine with a little soap and water.

Sinks, ceramic

  • Synthetic Materials Like Tectonite, Corian or Hi Macs. The ease of molding these synthetic materials, allows to create worktops with integrated sink without aesthetic ruptures. They are alternatives that bring a contemporary and avant-garde style to the kitchen and generally have a high price.

Types of Sinks

Built-in sinks, those that rest on the countertop, are the most popular in our homes. There are also other systems that will place the sink above or below the Countertop line . Systems with a high demand like the slim-top or slim-fix and more and more habitual in the kitchens with style.

  • Integrated sinks Or embedded. The sink is installed from above and its edges rest on the countertop. It is one of the most economical systems, however, the seal sealed with silicone ends up getting dirty with time.
  • Slim-top sinks. These integrated sinks have a smoother transition with the hob, allowing us to pick up any liquids without any highlighting.

Sinks-installation systems

  • Slim-fix sinks . It has practically similar characteristics to the previous one, but it allows to reduce the width, depth and the profile of the outer edge of more radical forms.
  • Sinks under counter. Under-sink sinks offer smooth, uninterrupted surfaces. The bucket is placed under the granite countertop, providing a borderless finish, but very comfortable to clean.

Features of Stylish Sinks

The most advanced sinks have today Waste management systems As well as acoustic and thermal insulation to reduce the sound of the water and keep it warm for a longer time. These features make the sink more practical, but they are not the only ones we should look at. There are accessories that convert the sink into an entire workstation.

Sink accessories

  • Pop-up valve : It allows to empty your sink easily from the worktop.
  • Cutting boards , Buckets and drainers. They are accessories that help us prepare food in a comfortable and clean way, freeing up additional space on the countertop.
  • Acoustic isolation And thermal. Not only does it reduce the sound of water falling into the bucket, it also keeps the water warm for longer.
  • Faucets with Flexible and removable head . It facilitates access to all parts of the sink and prevents unnecessary splashes.

It is these accessories that together with the design mark the difference between stylish sinks and ordinary sinks. Today, we can find a wide variety of sinks on the market with Different dimensions and configurations . We could say, without fear of making a mistake, that there is a sink for every kitchen. We should only configure it if the budget allows us.

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