Simple Ideas for Wrapping Valentine Gifts

Valentine's Day Gifts

On February 14, many of you will celebrate Valentine. You will do it in different ways: enjoying a romantic date, a weekend getaway, a family with the kids and / or an exchange of gifts. And this is where we can help you by proposing fantastic ideas for Wrap your gifts.

We will use to wrap gifts some unmistakable symbols of Valentine: Hearts kisses And the word love or"love". We will do it in a simple way without complications! And we will look for resources to create each of our proposals with"walk-by"materials. Shall we begin?

Papers with motifs of hearts or kisses for Valentine's Day

If you know any stationery with stamped paper like the cover with Valentine's motifs, go ahead! If it's not your case, do not worry, you'll just have to work a little bit more. Get white paper to wrap the gifts and stamp on them the different reasons. How? Pintándote the lips to transfer them later to the paper, creating crosses and Hearts with a marker And / or using a potato and a bit of paint as a seal.

Valentine 1 Gifts

Details / embellishments that make the difference

If you are not convinced by the idea above, bet on simpler ones that will help you transform a basic white wrap. A golden cord or fuchsia pink can be a good way to start. In this you can light a card decorated with a Glitter heart And the name of your partner.

Valentine's Day 2 Gifts

You can also use a Globe fixed with washi tape Golden to symbolize a heart... is an accessible, economic and one of the most original idea. Buying stickers and / or any heart shaped item is always a good way to brighten up the packaging. And you do not have to go crazy, even a heart-shaped gum can serve you.

Did you like our proposals to involve Gifts on Valentine's Day ?

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