Simple guide on how to paint a wall

Painting walls

There are many people who use professional painters to Paint the walls of your home . However, this is simpler than we think. As it is necessary to think about the family economy, it is good to save on everything that can be, and in case of painting a wall we can do it without need of help.

Painting a wall at home Is quite simple, especially if we do not complicate life with effects and mixes, but still today there are many tricks to get the ideal effect on the walls easily. We will give you the guidelines and we will tell you the material you need to start painting the walls of the whole house.

Materials for painting walls

To paint a wall

Choosing materials when painting is essential. We must Buy quality rollers and brushes , As they will be responsible for extending the paint on the walls and the finish will depend on their quality. We must also buy or have something on hand to cover furniture and floors. They can be old plastics or sheets. You may also need a ladder to reach the higher parts or to paint the ceiling, although today there are extenders for the brushes. Painter's tape is also needed to cover the skirting boards or paint changes.

Choose a suitable color

Painting walls

When choosing the right color to paint a wall, we can let ourselves be led by trends. However, we must always keep in mind that there are certain rules. The Soft colors Contribute much more luminosity and give the spaces the sensation of amplitude. If we want to use a dark tone, the best is that the room is broad or is very well lit, because otherwise it will give us the feeling of overwhelm. In addition, when mixing shades we must think that pastel shades go well with the same soft tones, but not so well with stronger ones.

Prepare the walls

Walls should be prepared before painting. Must Clean them to remove dust Or dirt they may have. They can be aspirated directly because we will also remove the cobwebs. If there are cracks or raised paint will be a bit more difficult, but we must sand the areas that are found with raised paint and add base or sealant to areas that have cracks or those holes to hang pictures. After sanding and preparing always clean the walls. If we do with some water we must let them dry completely.

Prepare the space

If there is furniture in the room, Protect everything with sheets or plastics Which are already sold exclusively for this type of thing. We must also protect the soil. Once all covered, you have to use the painter's tape for the sockets if you have them and for the upper or the sides of the walls if we are going to paint an area. Also for light switches and the area of ​​doors and windows.

Start painting

To paint a wall

Everything is ready to paint the walls, so we can use the paint by putting it in a special container with a wringer. The roller should be moistened a little at first to catch the paint well. It is necessary to take painting and to drain well, so that we are not leaving leaks. We will begin to paint in long lines from the bottom up or the opposite. If we are two, another person can go Carefully painting the corners , With a thick brush. If we are alone, the details and the corners have to be painted first and then painted the main part filling everything. When the roller begins to make noise as a glue it is necessary to renew the paint, and start again.

We must choose dry days, so that the painting is Dry faster in the walls. In general, two hands of paint are usually needed, since with one they are sometimes noticed marks. The second should not be given until the next day, when we are completely sure that the first hand has dried completely.

Effects on painting

Although the easiest in all cases is to paint the walls with smooth tones, nowadays they take very much the effects in the painting. The geometric forms, the mixture of colors or the Motifs like moles or stripes . To do this we have the painter's tape, with which we can cover parts making straight forms, or also to make the stripes. In the case of moles and other reasons, we can always do with templates, which serve to decorate the walls with a much more creative touch. We can even create templates from materials such as cardboard or thick cardboard. It's just a matter of putting a little imagination.

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