Shelves with pallets, ideas for decorating the home

Shelvings with pallets

Life with pallets is much better, and this material has given us great ideas to decorate every corner of our home. From using them to make sofas to use them to create a bed for our pet or do the Shelving with pallets More functional than you can imagine, adapted to every corner of the house and the storage needs we have.

Today we are going to go over some ideas for Make shelves with pallets . There are many uses that we can give to these pallets, although in many occasions we will have to modify it. But of course there are shelves for every stay of the house and even adapted to commercial spaces. Do not miss out on what the pallets can do for you.

Advantages of using pallets

The great advantage that we see to the use of the palets when it comes to decorate is that these They are very economical . With some pallets we can make a sofa, a base for the bed or some great shelves. Obviously, we will take our hand more handy, since you have to know how to use tools to make the pallet look what we want. Another advantage we see is that it is reusing pallets that have become unusable, so we are recycling and therefore taking care of the environment. And of course there is the part where we become more creative and do new things with these materials. Crafts help us develop our qualities.

How to make shelves with pallets

It depends on the type of shelving that we are going to do, but in general we will need a Drill and anchors To fix the shelf to the wall, also varnishes and paints for the wood, since you have to treat it to have a better finish, and even sander to make it softer. There are many types of shelving, and sometimes they will require that we cut parts of the pallet or pull out their boards.

Shelves with pallets for books and photos

Book shelves

The first thing we think about when installing a shelf in the home is that we are going to use it to put pictures or to Store books and have everything sorted . Here are two very different versions of these shelves. On one side we have a side pallet, used to store the books inside. On the other hand, the tables and sections of the pallet are cut to make small shelves in which we can support books so that the cover can be seen, or photos.

Shelves with pallets for shops

Shelving in stores

This is a trend that we see more and more, and is that many stores are choosing pallets to give a Light touch to space . These pallets are also economical when making the shelves and can be modified according to the needs, so they are really versatile. In many stores they want to give an industrial touch to everything with the pallets.

Shelving in restaurant

In this restaurant they have mixed the Pallets with wooden boxes Old to make a wall in which to store the wine bottles. As you can see there are many ideas available with the pallets in decoration.

Shelves with pallets for the kitchen

Shelves with pallets in the kitchen

In the kitchen we can also use these pallets to Decorate and store things . A pallet hung on the wall is used to put plants or photos, and on the other hand, we can use sections for bottles and glasses, with small incisions in the wood.

Shelving for tools

These pallets are also used to Store kitchen utensils . In this case in two different ways. To use as simple shelves or to hang pots. In both cases we will have to fix the wood of the pallet to the wall.

Shelves with bathroom pallets

Bathroom Shelves

In the bathroom area we can also use the pallets, although we must use a good varnish to seal the wood by moisture. These shelves are ideal to put the things we need in the bathroom or towels by hand. He gives the bathroom a Casual and natural appearance , Even can be used in rustic bathrooms.

Shelves with pallets for closets

Shelves for clothes

Pallets can also be used to make Shelves for clothes . Of course much more must be modified, as you can appreciate by these cabinets. They have included wheels, have them painted and also have shelves or hangers. But of course it may be a good idea to make a practical donkey for clothes.

Shelves with office pallets

Shelves in the office

If we have a home office, we can do it and Decorate it entirely with pallets . From the table to the shelves, either on the sides or on the wall, can be done with the pallets. These shelves are perfect for putting motivational sheets, books or office utensils that we want to have on hand.

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