Rustic style dining rooms with fireplace

Rustic style dining rooms with fireplace

Now that winter is approaching, the following images are even more comforting. Sitting down to eat in the heat of the fireplace, is something that brings many memories of times past. Cozy, warm... so are the Rustic dining rooms with fireplace Which we show you today.

A wooden table to seat the guests and a large fireplace; Are the common denominator of these dining rooms of rustic character. In style Traditional or modern, All of them also have elements of stone, wood and / or ceramics that make them truly welcoming. Do you want to know the keys to decorate yours?

A traditional fireplace prints a lot of character to a space. In addition to being a very powerful decorative element, the climate that provides the room is fantastic. The light and heat they give off make the More intimate and welcoming space ; More homely in the end.

Rustic dining room with fireplace 1

In front of the fireplace is often find a wooden table. If you want to give your dining room a traditional style with vintage touches, bet with a tapas like those of the first and last image. If on the contrary you want a modern rustic dining room, paint them and / or roll them by a set of Designer chairs .

Rustic style dining rooms with fireplace 2

A Wooden or ceramic floor In terracotta tones will help you to print more rustic character to space, but there are also other elements that can contribute to it. A cupboard will help you to dress the walls in addition to being tremendously useful to store and keep the tablecloth and tableware.

Rustic style dining rooms with fireplace 3

If the chimney has shelf, you will have to take care in detail the elements that on it put. You can do it in a more sophisticated way with a mirror and / or a candelabra or simple, with candles or glass jars with Branches or wild plants, To achieve a more cabin look.

If you want a rustic dining room with a fireplace, the pictures can inspire you to create your own.

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