Rustic kitchens for your mountain cabin

Rustic kitchens in mountain huts

When you imagine a Mountain cabin , Immediately draws interiors in which the wood and the stone charge a special role. Imagine also rustic dark kitchens with a large table or central island in which to enjoy long winter evenings, is not it?

The kitchen Which I imagine possesses many of the elements that we can find in the following selection of images: wooden furniture, deep sinks, vintage cabinets and / or open shelves that allow to have the tableware in sight and great lamps hanging from the ceiling.

Probably each of us has a slightly different idea in his head of how to decorate this type of kitchens, however, I'm sure we would agree to name one of those elements. As long as we speak of course, of a Traditional rustic kitchen ; One of many ways to undertake the decoration of a space as well.

Rustic kitchens in mountain huts 1

The cottage is by definition a cottage made of wood. The wood therefore becomes the Main material, Being able to find it in walls, floors and ceilings. However, stone is also very popular in mountain homes, and it is because of its thermal qualities.

Rustic kitchens in mountain huts 2

Leaving aside the structural materials, rustic coccines are usually decorated with Natural wood furniture And / or steel when it is desired to achieve a more industrial aspect. The furniture is usually simple and is usually decorated with knobs or iron handles. We find it with doors, but also open covered or not by curtains. On the furniture, we usually find sturdy worktops made of wood, stone and / or cement.

Rustic kitchens in mountain huts 3

A Island or central table, Usually they preside over the space, conceived for something more than to cook. It is usually large enough to accommodate both the family and friends who come together in summer. It is also common to have a Fireplace or sheet Which warm the space, making winters more pleasant.

Other common elements used by this type of kitchens are Large sinks or stacks , As well as cupboards and shelves for ordering dishes. Lamps that illuminate space intimately become favorites; If they are hanging, the better. And you? Can you imagine a kitchen in the mountains?

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