Room dividers to redistribute your home

Room dividers

The Open and diaphanous spaces Are more fashionable. To dispense with some partitions does not have to deprive certain spaces of privacy. There are numerous solutions to define different areas in an open space without they stop sharing a common space. Separators of environments that respond to different needs and aesthetic tastes.

The Room separators Allow us to create different spaces in the same room, depending on the utility or the use that will be given to each one of them. All this without the need to alter structural components, quickly and conveniently. Screens, panels made with modern techniques and shelves are just a few examples.

We may want to separate the kitchen from the dining room, the study of the bedroom or the library of the living room, without these stop sharing a common space. We can achieve this without any complexity using separators like the one we are proposing today. Separators that Visually divide a space , Providing greater intimacy to each of them and facilitating the possibility of providing a style of their own.

Room dividers 1

There are a variety of room separators. Screens, curtains, glass walls And shelves are probably the most common, but not the only ones as you will have the opportunity to check below. Do you want to discover with us the best options to create different environments in your home?

Screens as separators

"A partition composed of several frames united by means of hinges, which closes, opens and unfolds"Thus defines"screen"the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language. An element that we all familiar and allows us Play with the distribution Of a space of simple form. The possibility of transferring and collecting them comfortably makes them very useful in spaces with different functions. The great diversity of designs among which we can choose, moreover, allows us to adapt them very easily to rooms with a certain style.

Classic Screens

The classic screens are those that are composed of Three or four drop-down frames Made mainly in materials such as wood, fabric or bamboo. The fabric screens with motifs of oriental inspiration are next to the classic wooden screens the most popular and most used to create a small dressing area in the bedroom. Less popular are leather upholstery, usually reserved for masculine and / or sophisticated spaces.

Classic Screens

Contemporary screens

The screens have been reinvented and updated to adapt to the new decorative trends. Today we can find screens in a wide range of materials: Plastic, felt, steel, marble ... Not all folds like the traditional ones or they do not in the same way, but in return, they offer designs more attractive and extra utilities.

Modern Combo

Modern dividers

New needs create new solutions. The modern separators that fall into this category are generally fixed to floor, ceiling or wall. The most popular Geometric motifs Through which they let the light through. They are made from materials as diverse as steel, high-tech polymers or ceramics. In neutral colors such as white and black or vibrant as orange, they are the favorites for decorating contemporary and modern spaces.

Modern dividers


Curtains are widely used as room separators. Curtains with different openings exist in the market. Some run through a rail, others rise as do the blinds and there are also those that fall. All of them allow us to enjoy with a Simple gesture Of a common space or an intimate and private space.

Curtains as room separators

Curtains made of opaque fabrics will provide greater privacy on both sides, but will force us to take care of the lighting. The Made in translucent tissues , On the other hand, will guarantee the exchange of light but will not give us such a degree of privacy.

Glazed walls

Replace partitions with "Glass walls" Contributes to Easy passage of light From one space to another and provides a feeling of greater amplitude. They are also interesting because they isolate odors and noise. They only have one but it is that, in addition to the rest of the proposals, they require a small work to install rails.

Crystal Walls

Shelves and other furniture

Shelves are a practical space separator. They provide us with two functionalities in one; Contribute to create different spaces and solve possible Storage problems . They are also very aesthetic to be able to place in them different decorative objects.

Room dividers: shelves

The Open shelves Are favorites as environments separators because they are accessible from both sides. We can take advantage of them to store objects on both sides. In addition, they let the light pass and do not impede the vision between the different environments. If we want to completely separate the two environments, we will turn to the closed shelves that will act as a shelf and wall on either side, respectively.

In the same way as the shelves we could use as a separator a bottle rack or a vertical garden; That which is practical and functional for that particular room. It is also common to find sofas or kitchen islands marking the boundary between two environments. They provide no privacy but delimit each of the spaces.

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