Roller Blinds Night and Day

Roller Blinds Night and Day

If you are a fan of decoration and you like to keep up with the new trends at home today you are in luck, because I am going to tell you one thing:

How buy custom day and night blinds and very economical, so that renovating your home and having the last scream in decoration is not at odds. If you are one of those who do not stop looking for new elements to improve home decoration and also be functional I'm sure you know well the blinds night and day, perfect to adapt any type of lighting circumstance to our needs, but if not yet you know do not worry I'll explain why you should buy night and day curtains , They are a must in the world of decoration.

The Roller blinds night and day adapt to all kinds of conditions, why? Very simple, they are composed of opaque horizontal stripes, mostly colored, and other transparent ones, by moving the cord up or down these strips will be combined and how you will be assuming, by unifying all of your color The night and day will become opaque and by combining the transparent ones it will let 100% of the sun's rays pass through. In addition this will allow you to choose what degree of privacy you want at each moment, that's why they are a good idea for the bedrooms.

Another option is to place the blinds night and day in the dining room, they come great. If you are going to see a family movie or football with friends or even nap you can combine their opaque stripes and not let the sun go by, while if you prefer a good light level in your home, you will only have to Do the opposite and combine the transparent strips, as you see the blinds night and day will adapt to all your needs and are perfect for any stay.

You should know that all the blinds in Puntogar They are manufactured with the best materials on the market, which gives them a high level of quality, their fabrics are 100% polyester fiber which ensures a great durability and resistance. In addition to making your online order you will save without giving up the best service, you just have to enter the website, enter the measures and choose the model that you like, in less than five days will be available at the door of your home to assemble with instructions and tools, fast, simple and safe. Your blinds night and day online are a good idea, you will save time and money.

You do not know if the roller blind night and day is for you, do not worry, then I leave you a comparison with the most popular and popular blinds so that choosing is very easy! Here we go!

Blinds night and day vs screen

The Rolling Shades Night and Day 1

Do you know the screen blinds? Do you know what features they have? What are the different types of blinds night and day? of the screen?

The screen are very famous in the current home trends, have come to revolutionize the world of home and is that being able to choose the degree of openness allows you to control much better light. In case you still do not know too much the screen I do a brief review. You can choose a high degree of openness so that between a good light level, but obviously you will have less intimacy, in this case we speak of openings of 10% or 5%, but there are also more intermediate levels in which we obtain privacy and a level of light very acceptable, in this case we will choose openings of 3% or 1%, the latter most recommended for rooms. If on the other hand we choose the 0% you should know that it will create a black out effect, just like the opaque ones, which we will talk about later.

The difference between blinds day and night and the screen is clear, with the first you can adapt at all times the light level your home needs, on the contrary with the screen you must decide when buying them with what level you feel most comfortable, it all depends on what you are going to use them for, surely for rooms it is better to choose a screen with a low degree of opening to preserve privacy.

If these have not convinced you do not worry because I tell you now how opaque are and what characteristics they have. Keep reading!

Blinds night and day vs opaque

The Rolling Shades Night and Day 2

If you are looking for some blinds for your room or for a bedroom in your home, you have surely thought about the opaque blinds , is normal, they are very popular in this type of stays. The opaque do not let even a ray of sun pass, that's why most of it is installed in the bedrooms or in rooms to watch movies or games inside the home. You should know that they are very resistant and durable and also very easy to maintain, you should only remove the dust that accumulates and clean it with a damp cloth, never let it dry in the sun because it could create irregularities in the color tone.

Opaque are very decorative elements also because they allow you to choose very bright colors that really become the protagonists of the decoration, you can also personalize them with some photograph, design image or motivating phrase, awakening like this will not have a price.

In relation to the blinds night and day you should know that the characteristic that they have in common is the black out effect, that is, when we combine the opaque color strips of the night and day blind we provoke the same effect that the opaque ones create, so if you like to enjoy all the possibilities in Every moment of the day is better than deciding to buy blinds night and day.

Blinds night and day vs translucent

The Rolling Shades Night and Day 3

If you like the world of decoration, you will know that translucent blinds They are the most traditional and the most similar to the curtains of before, their type of fabric lets the rays of the sun pass and molds them depending on the color we choose for them, obviously the light colors will let pass a light level higher than the dark colors that will preserve our home a little better, everything depends on our needs as always. In relation to the Roller blinds night and day you should know that when you combine your stripes and use both, that is, half of the transparent and half of the opaque, you get an effect very similar to translucent ones. It is true that translucent ones are more elegant than night and day.

In conclusion

You should know that the most important thing when buying some blinds day and night or any other type is to determine the lighting needs of your stay and once we have it clear we begin to think what type we like more aesthetically. The night and day curtains are great because they adapt to all types of environments and allow you to adjust the light 100%.

Remember that quality is not at odds with the economic and that's why you can place your order of the roller blinds night and day cheap through the website of Puntogar, you will also have the option to order them to fit in your windows and this is not the best, your blinds night and day will arrive in five days to your home ready to assemble with instructions and tools , because buying well is possible.

If you have any questions or doubts about the custom night and day blinds Do not hesitate to consult with the home experts of Puntogar. See you!