Puff pear, a classic fit and comfortable

Puff pear

He Puff pear Is a classic, one of the best selling puffs on the market. It is a light"furniture"that allows to adopt different positions and guarantees the maximum comfort thanks to its back support. In addition its design is original and genuine, characteristics that contribute to justify its success.

For its lightness the puff pear offers Dynamism to spaces . It is a functional and versatile piece that also adapts to all types of environments and design. They are the perfect solution to accommodate a greater number of friends in the living room, create a chill out area on your terrace or garden or decorate in a fun way the reading corner of the smallest of the house.

Characteristics of the pear puff

The"Puf Pera"is made by joining together several pieces that are narrowed at its upper end and whose shape resembles that of a pear. Pieces generally made of high-resistance leather which protects a Expanded polystyrene filler High recovery and high volume. A key material that makes it possible for both the pouf to be molded to the body and posture of the user, and to recover its initial shape quickly when it stands up.

Unlike other puff models, the puff puff offers a Good back support, Guaranteeing extreme comfort. It also has a handle at the top that facilitates its transfer from one room to another while being held at its base.

Puff pear bedroom

All pear puffs allow Adopt multiple positions about him. You can be sitting, lying, stretched... and enjoying the best time of the day in front of the TV, playing, reading and even working. Its comfortable interior facilitates movement and change of posture.

Cleaning a puff pear will not be a problem either. They are generally made of resistant fabrics, Easy to maintain and clean. Simply slip a damp cloth to leave like new a puff of leather.

The thousand and one possibilities of puff pear

Puff is a Versatile piece Which adapts to all types of indoor and outdoor environments. Decorating a chill out area on the terrace with pear puffs is a simple task. They also fit perfectly into the living room, whatever the style may be. And they are a fantastic alternative to give a fun touch to the children's bedroom.

Pear puffs to decorate children's rooms

The puff pear has a Original design and fun. It is therefore a great alternative to decorate play rooms and children's bedrooms. Next to a shelf to complete a reading corner, in front of the television to sit and play a game on the game console... In bright colors and / or with funny prints are a winning bet. They will allow children to move freely, adapting to each of their positions.

Puff pear children's room

Pear Puffs in the Lounge

The puff pear is a piece that Does not take up too much space And that allows us to accommodate a friend more, an especially interesting quality when you want to decorate places of reduced dimensions. They are also less heavy than a sofa, so they offer greater dynamism in meeting spaces such as the living room, facilitating the realization of different activities.

Puff pear in the lounge

You can relax Watching a movie, gathering your friends, sitting down to read, taking a nap... The wide variety of designs also allows us to adapt this piece to stays of any style. We can find pufs in a wide variety of materials and colors, with designs and sophisticated relays.

Pear Puffs for Outdoor Spaces

Puff pears can also be incorporated into outdoor spaces. Create a chill out zone On the terrace with two or three puff pears is really simple imagine yourself resting at sunset lying in one of them! There are versions on the market made of impermeable, waterproof polyester fabric that require no maintenance.

Outdoor pear puff

You can complete the set with round puffs that Serve as footrests To guarantee you the Maximum comfort . With such a space in your garden or terrace, you will not want to enter the house! Children also like these informal spaces; They can throw themselves on the puff to read, play or simply, to rest.

In addition, as you can see in the images, puff pears are a great option to decorate youth bedrooms, Study areas and / or receivers . There are a variety of puffs on the market that vary in size and design, so adapting them to a predesigned environment is no problem.

Puff pears are available in a Wide range of fabrics : Polyester, cotton, antelina, leather, crochet, velvety fabrics... Being aware of the use that will be given is key to choosing the most practical option for us; The one that best suits our needs. Not all are equally resistant or easy to maintain. Adding aesthetics and practicality is the key to taking advantage of them.

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