Programmable cookers saves time in the kitchen!

Programmable cookers saves time in the kitchen!

We all like to enjoy one Good homemade food , But not all we manage to take the necessary time to prepare it. The current pace of life makes things difficult and we often get too tired home to cook. A situation that can be solved with a programmable pot.

The Programmable pots Are a fantastic tool if we want to prepare nutritious dishes but we do not have enough time to be aware of the cooking process. These small appliances do it for us. You only have to enter the ingredients in the pot, set the timer and... wait.

Leave home early, return at noon and have the Freshly cooked food And ready to take to the table. Sounds good, right? It is what allows us to make these small appliances that cook by the method of steam under pressure and which is already considered an advanced version of the express or pressure cookers.

Programmable pot

What is a programmable pot?

Programmable pots are a modern and up to date version of the pressure cookers. Like the latter, Facilitate the cooking process Of food. However they are technologically much more advanced, facilitating the autonomous cooking and keeping the food hot until our arrival.

All we have to do is Schedule the time To which we want to have the food prepared. The programmable pot will take care of the rest. It will calculate the time necessary for its cooking and will begin to process the food in due time. What if we are late? The programmable pot will keep the food warm.

Programmable pot 1

Programmable pots work directly Connected to a power outlet And greatly simplify the process. All you have to do is to enter the ingredients in the pot, select the appropriate cooking program, set the timer and wait at the indicated time to taste the dish.

While his Autonomy and speed Are the most attractive, most electric pots include a slow cooking function that in many cases is low consumption, ideal for best results, and keep the properties of food to the maximum.

What factors should I take into account when buying a programmable pot?

The possibilities offered by the market are so broad that it can be overwhelming to buy a programmable pot. Compare the features and characteristics of each other and read the opinions of other users can help us. But what are these characteristics, in which we should look?

Programmable Pots

  • Capacity: Programmable pots have a maximum capacity that affects both the rations that we can prepare as in the energy that it spends and in its final price. The pots between 4 and 6 liters are the most popular, but there are designs with a capacity of up to 10 liters. A good estimate is to know that for each liter a ration with a certain margin is prepared. To choose the right question, ask: for how many people do I usually cook?
  • Materials. There are programmable pots with plastic structures that are very attractive for their price and yet may not be the most suitable. Programmable pots are devices that work under pressure and reach very high temperatures, so it is advisable that both the body and the lid are built in stainless steel. It is also very important to take into account the material in which the cuvette is made, its non-stick capacity and its durability.
  • Pressure levels . A programmable pressure cooker assumes the ability to select between at least two pressure levels. This will determine the cooking time of the meals: at lower pressure and temperature the properties of the raw material are more respected but the cooking time increases.
  • Functions: Programmable pots of medium and high range allow to choose between different programs depending on the dish that is going to cook. Some even include The"Fry"function to be used as a fryer.

Features of programmable pots

  • Recipe book: It is interesting to compare the complete menus and recipes that they provide in their respective recipes. It is also advisable to make sure that the instructions they offer to learn to cook with the kitchen robot are clear and useful to the user.
  • Price: Brand, capacity, functions, energy efficiency... are factors that influence the final price. The low-end models can be around sixty euros, while the mid-range models reach one hundred. The pots that best offer services can reach a price of 180 €.

Before you buy a programmable pot, think about your Needs and those of your family . How many are you usually eating, what kind of recipes do you like.... Then compare the functions and characteristics of those who have everything you are looking for. Still having doubts? Then once informed, go to a trusted establishment and let yourself advise,

A programmable pot is a Very useful and effective household appliance To speed up household chores. Roasting, cooking, cooking, steaming or grilling are actions that these appliances perform for us, thus simplifying our lives. Forget to watch for ingredients every five minutes, watch the pot so it does not burn or keep children away from the danger of the fires.

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