Pastel colors in home decor

Pastel tones

Pillows, fabrics, pictures and accessories like frames or vases are an easy way to test colors within a room without having to compromise the entire room. This is ideal to check if you like or not the colors in pastel tonality to decorate any of your rooms. Nor should we exaggerate, sometimes a burst of color can be more powerful in a neutral space.

This does not mean that cakes can not be the star of your home. Are you looking for a dramatic statement? Think of the pale pink with bold black. A more modern interpretation? Citric yellow with pale gray. Do you want a more formal nautical appearance? Use pale blue with strong red... just some ideas!

Many of today's leading design trends include bold and bright colors, but that does not mean that pastel colors do not play a role as well. If you like soft tones, the pastel tones are your thing. But if you lack ideas to be able to decorate with pastel colors do not miss the following inspirations so that you choose the one that you like or that helps you to find the most appropriate shades for your home.

Creativity is the key to decorating with pastel shades. Whether you use soft nuances with clear white, combine them with more vivid colors, prefer a subtle pastel-style touch, or saturate your space with these irresistible tones, you're sure to have a winning interior!

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  • 1 Ideas for decorating in pastel colors
    • 1.1 Pastel colors with white
    • 1.2 Pastel colors with bright shades
    • 1.3 Being subtle
    • 1.4 Colors pastels over the top

Ideas for decorating in pastel colors

Pastel colors with white

We start with a tried and true strategy to increase the effect of pastel colors: matching them with white! In fact, many prefer to let the soft tones speak for themselves simply by NOT covering the room with them. For example, a pastel accent wall with blank furniture can be a great idea. You can also have walls and furniture in white and accessories and decor with pastel shades.

In fact, the pastel colors can make a room or stay as sweet and reassuring. You can use the white color as a key and use pastel colors for accent pieces such as lamps, textiles or other accessories.

pastel shades

Pastel colors with bright shades

You can combine the pastel colors with bright shades or vivid colors to give life to the rooms. You can play with soft colors and other bright like neon tones. For example a room in pastel blue can be reinforced with shades rich in bright orange and lime green. They are strong, bright colors that will look great.

In a salon it is also a good idea to use these combinations. For example, you can combine a pale green with lavender or neon yellow colors... Especially if you also combine it with a coral rose, the combination can be beautiful!

Kitchen in pastel colors

Also, you can use a pastel color for a sofa in your living room, and use also for example on the wall pastel shades. Then you can add furniture like bookshelves with books in bright colors like green, orange or electric blue. Other details like carpets or curtains can have the tonality you like... in pastel shades.

In children's bedrooms it is also a great idea to combine the pastel colors with other more vivid and bright ones. So children will have colors in their bedroom that provide tranquility and comfort, but combined with other bright and more lively colors that give them the energy they need to face each day and that all the children have inside themselves.

For example, in a bedroom you can have pastel walls aul pastel with the bedspread in a bright orange combined with accessories in shades of red and magenta... the space will come to life on its own!

Being subtle

Another idea to be able to add pastel colors to your home is to do it subtly... but very subtle. For example, you can have an elegant room with white and silver color and add light shades of blue. In fact, the combination of gray with pastels creates a contemporary look that is very elegant and relaxing.

Pastel blue stripes blend with for example, gray and beige in a bathroom. The effect in these combinations: subtlety at its best. The subtlety will bring elegance to any of your rooms and you can use the pastel colors according to your personal preferences.

Sofa pastel in the living room

Colors pastels over the top

Another idea is to use pastel colors all over. That is, use everything you want to get a stay of the most relaxing and combining with those colors that you consider more appropriate. You will be creating a powerful stay and full of personality. For example you can use the gray and green color in pastels and reinforce the accessories of the room with the same tone. You will notice how you create a refreshing and clean effect.

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