Original flowerpots for the home

Original flowerpots with faces

A Home with plants Is a much more pleasant space, since we add a touch of nature to the environment. However, there is a lot of life beyond the usual pots. Today, with the DIY trend, we have great ideas to recycle materials and to create original pots that will stand out greatly.

You have many different ideas, so you can have different and special pots, which you can use if you have materials that you do not use at home. It is another form of Arrange the plants But in a very special way, that attracts attention and that highlights.

Original pots for the kitchen

If you have Kitchen containers That you no longer use, it is a good idea to use them to create a planter as fun as this drainer. In addition, it has space for the plant to transpire, and to have that style so vintage is very original.

Original flowerpots with cups

This is another idea, which is also very funny, because they have Stuck the dishes to the bottom , So that the cup set is visible. This also serves to collect leftover water from the plants, and thus does not stain the soil when watering them, so it is also practical.

Original pots with ceramic

These planters are amazing, and the Plants grow And coming out through the holes, and seems to be the hair of the figure, so they are also very decorative. It is a special piece for an elegant and very creative environment.

Original flowerpots with pallets

The Pallets Are great pieces to decorate the home with something recycled. And they also serve to put the plants with a very beautiful vertical garden. It is another way to have plants and not take up much space at home.

Original flowerpots with bottles

The original pots like these are very interesting because you can Use bottles or glass jars , And in addition this material is perfect for plants. Another way to recycle things you have at home.

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